Blue badge for fb page actor

I am trying to verify the facebook page of a profile about an actor, as soon as I send the request, after 1 minute the response from facebook arrives that communicates that the page is not suitable. I think there is a problem? possible that the verification takes place in 1 minute? the actor is well known in italy, there are very many articles about him, including a wikipedia page. Why does this happen?

I have the feeling that Facebook in general hates blue badges. Maybe you can ask @Alex11, he is an expert for IG badge verification :slight_smile:


my fb page name meera fancy jewellery verified my page

And did it last more than 1 minute?

yes or more than 1 minute and i want my page to be verified and blue ticked

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Requesting a blue verification badge isn’t available right now. >> from Redirecting...

I guess that’s why it was a fast response. They’ve listed other ways on the article I sent you on how to tell people that your page is authentic such as by linking your social media accts to your FB page