A verified Instagram account which has 1k followers and I see it for sale is it good or no ?
the seller say it is with og email .
The account username : @mehakaliofficial


How much does it cost.

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3500 Dollar:blush:

If you know how to grow and monetize accounts then it could be worth it

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nah $3500 is a ripoff lol maybe if it had 50k-100k followers then yea


Pretty sure you can’t change the name once its verified either

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really? didn’t know this

I wonder what E37EF1571326497C8461E5AC means in the profile :thinking:

Instagram watches these threads here, so @mehakaliofficial isn’t going to be verified for much longer. I’d pass.

Even if you get a Blue check through the Black Market, you can never be sure that It won’t be taken away from you any day

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I highly doubt that IG will take away a verified badge because the name of the account was mentioned on a forum. Anyone may do that.

But the risk of buying a verified account is that the user who originally created the account can easily get it back. So unless you know the guy well, I would pass.

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I hope you are correct, but it does seem that this forum is watched closely.

It’s sickening seeing you pathetic peasants hacking into people’s account and ruining someone’s livelihood and destroying life memories in a hope to gain a couple of hundreds bucks or enjoy that stolen blue badge for a few days knowing well that you will never have one. Go and do something productive with your lives f’king losers. Reported the account as hacked and whoever is reading this and has half brain should do the same.

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lmao you scammed me $500 for that page its yours stop lieing

:popcorn: 13 characters. :popcorn:

Lol ban city. Only reason to buy it is to spam with mentions.

hmmmm not cool bro not cool ! trying to sell a hacked instagram account !