Blue Check Badge for Semi-Famous People

Are there legit services that provide blue check verification for semi-famous people?
I am interested in working with anyone that offers the service for a few of my clients.


But i think this is getting tricky. But if there is a service i would provide it to my clients as well.

yes but you need strong press and strong online presence

If you have a lot of press or proof from internet(articles… with a good PR website)then Instagram will approve your request. Some people charge thousands of dollars to write articles and make you famous first :wink: It takes time if you are nobody on the web.

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It’s possible. I know someone who tried 3-4 times and was finally able to do it by applying as a journalist instead of a public figure.

To be honest it’s about what you class as famous.

The only thing that matters is press.

When I got verified, it was because I’d been featured in over 15 publications, from local news, to Forbes, and you can pay for press, but if you have a good story then it’s so much easier to just approach your local news and let it snowball from there.

I’m also interested in this.

Not an expert, but the more interesting question in this case would be: Who has strong connections to media outlets, press, etc. out of the social media world. And even more interesting: Is this person from a rational but also creative perspective able to offer a service where he basically “creates the story” around the semi famous or even non famous person.

If this kind of people are around here and join the conversation, the discussion would go into a more straight forward and realistic direction.

Here’s the thing, if you’re a public person and you have the articles and the story you can just go into the app and apply for the verification, that’s not a big secret. And when before mentioned turns out valid you will get approved, sooner or later. So when we talk about “workarounds” we should keep that in mind.


contact me and ill show you.

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can help out!

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u can get verified even with just PR + wikipedia and apply via APP , do that before paying peps with panel access


true. thats why i post the question for “semi-famous” people because fame is highly subjective.
did you apply once and got verified rightaway?

what kind of PR are you referring to specifically?

articles on sites with more then 500k page views on a monthly basis

Where does Instagram search to find the press? Do they use Google? I have some press but it’s low on Google’s search rank.

Instagram also looks for fake profiles that try to impersonate you. I mean that’s basically the idea of the blue badge. You could try creating some fake ones

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This doesn’t really make a difference. If you have good press you won’t need this and you won’t get verified without good press so it’s just a waste of time.

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most get denied via the app

Just thought I’d chip in my experience.

I had two clients that were notable and both got verified within around 6 hours when submitting photo identification via the application. If you do a search for your client with the name on their identification and they have press around them, they’ll get verified almost right away.

If they get declined or are continuously declined, they won’t get approved. Based on experience with my own verified account, having a blue tick doesn’t help in any way, shape or form with search or being ranked in hashtags.


yes, if it’s low, they will mostly discard

Yeah that’s what I’ve been thinking. I think that’s why publications like Forbes work (on top of it being Forbes and having expansive branding). If it’s ranked high on Google and can be searched right away, then it will help with verification. Now I wonder if you have 15 low to mid publications and they are all ranked high on Google, if that can help with verification :thinking: