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I’m sure there’s plenty of threads about this, but they’re outdated.

What’s the latest way to acheive the blue check verfication in July 2019?
I have several clients willing to pay a lot for it.

The request verfication step has been tried many times and it doesn’t work for them.


There are no magical ways lol. You either earn it by actually being famous, or you spend enough on FB ads to request one from your ad manager.


Hello there!

Try to make professional-looking Wikipedia page, buy few article mentions so your name will rank up higher in Google. Make fan accounts, meme accounts… boost it up to like 500 followers with just reposting.

And constantly send requests. It will get resolved.


My theory about verification is that it is completely manual (that is, an operator of Facebook-Instagram assigns it by hand) and the first thing it does is to do a Google search to see if you really are a famous person.

Here in my company we managed several celebrity accounts, some of them were verified and others were not.

Of the 3 that were not verified, one of them was in the most known program of Argentine television in the last year. Therefore in Google there were many pages talking about that person.

At that time, we tried the verification again and they gave it to him.

Therefore I believe that the first thing they do is see the results in Google.


I know some people that have it with 2k followers and not many mentions online… Don’t know what is the correct way to achieve it.

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SHORT STORY: Make them famous on other platforms first.


  • Get them verified on Twitter first, it’s a lot easier there

  • Create their Wikipedia pages or get them up to date

  • Create their IMBD pages too if they’re models & actors

  • Develop their personal websites as well

  • Sign up for Help A Reporter Out and get your clients’ quotes in as many print and traditional media as possible

  • Help them create and produce epic viral content

THEN once you’ve done all of this - request it again.

And since they’re willing to pay a lot for it, bill them to help them set up all that I mentioned above. All of this work is easily worth and billable for thousands. You could even build out an agency dedicated to doing just these things alone. :raised_hands:


Love this response thank you!

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Very complete answer, sir! I am not sure that Twitter opened againt their verification option, but I will check it out!

And the good part is that the other things you can buy them for your client if they have a good amount of money haha

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What kind of follow limit do blue check mark accounts have? that’s what I’m curious about.