Blueprint-Hit Explore page in 2020

There are the methods that can help you reach on Explore page,some methods are tried by me and some are not so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work for you.Many things matter while hitting the explore page and these are some little sneaky tricks to do that,at the end what matters the most is your Content and that will decide whether these methods will work for you or not.

Method 1:
Never switch your profile to a business profile! It will cause Instagram to change your algorithm and wont allow you to reach all 100% of your followers. Turning on business will only allow you to reach 75% of your followers on their feed. You will realise an increase when you do this.

Method 2:
Do not allow pages under 500 followers to spam your post! If their page already hits explore get them to engage in your posts. Otherwise if they are very inactive and small Instagram will see that you are associate with an account with little views and engagement and will NOT put your post to explore.
Note: if the small pages are run and operated on your same device, use them on your posts regardless whether its a small page or not.

Method 3:
Group chats will increase your views because of other profiles like yours engaging in your posts. What ever you do do not allow pages that are shadow banned or have very little followers and organic views/likes to spam/comment on your posts. Instagram will see that and you wont get to explore.

Method 4:
Your socialising with other accounts are critical to your posts. The bigger the account and the more the accounts engagement it has it will rub of onto you! Get big accounts like yours to spam your comments section. Instagram will see that your page is in interaction with the page and will allow your post onto the explore page. I know this to be true because I have done it myself and have seen big pages do it too.

Method 5:
Here’s a special one.
Post in between the Instagram’s hot zone times.
United States hot zone times:
6-9 am
3-7 pm
Hot zone times are what the Instagram Algorithm allows your posts full potential. At these times Your post can go from 70%-100% reach of ALL viewers from explore or to accounts that aren’t following you. This is the best times to hit explore!

Method 6:
Using hashtags is the most efficient way to get real views and engagement. Use as many hashtags as you can because the more hashtags the more your post will reach other accounts that are on explore. But beware don’t be fooled. Too many hashtags will get you shadow banned.The two hashtag strategies are the ladder hashtag strategy and the trending strategy.

The following will not help with gaining views and engagement for hitting explore!

Do not:

  • Use 30 hashtags.
  • Allow pages that aren’t doing well to engage in your posts.
  • Post too much.
  • Spam by posting too much.
  • Get reported by other pages.
  • Comment too much and getting banned for commenting too much.
  • Annoy bigger pages (will decrease chance of better and bigger engagement).

These will help you and ultimately increase the profiles you reach, the engagement with your profile and posts and will increase your followers.

Here’s is an extended and more efficient version found below:

To begin you must be ready to follow the following:
• Be patient
• Listen
• Learn

  1. To start off you must consider many factors of your page before going into the factors of your account. These involves many concepts. Your logo, your bio and your niche. Your logo and username must reflect on what you will be posting. For instance having a logo with a basketball player and posting soccer videos. They do NOT fit well together. Be specific when picking a niche and ALWAYS stick to it.
    Instagram Growth and Engagement 2019


Many different techniques are used to achieve Instagram growth and a high level of engagement.


The best way to grow your account and increase engagement is to aim to get your posts on explore as fast as possible, and for as long as possible. The explore page is where your post will rack up hundreds or thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of views if your page is a good size. Instagram places posts which receive many interactions (likes, comments, saves, shares and views) in a relatively short amount of time, on explore much faster and for longer than those with less interactions. One important thing to note is that interactions from accounts with bigger followings are ‘worth’ more than those from smaller accounts.

After you hit 5k followers your posts will regularly hit explore(according to my experience but it can vary for other people)

Private Accounts

Private accounts will not be eligible for a position on the explore page, and so should be avoided. It is greatly advised to change your account to public.

Posting Schedule

The most important thing is to post regularly, at least once a day, and at roughly the same time(s) each day. For maximised growth.

Bio and Profile Picture

It is important to have an attractive bio and profile picture, as it is the first thing people see when they look at your page. Your bio should include a few emojis, and be broken into easily readable lines.

Since the recent update on Instagram, visitors to your bio only see the first few words in your bio, so you should try and fit a complete sentence in your bio before visitors have to click ‘read more’.

Your profile picture is an essential part of your Instagram page. People like your profile picture to your page, and so your profile picture becomes your identity. It is important to avoid making big changes to your profile picture often. A good profile picture is readable and identifiable at a very small size, such as on the main feed. If your picture includes text, try to contrast colour of the text with the colour of the background as much as possible, to make it as easy to read as possible. If you make your logo using clip art from google images or other websites, ensure it is not copyrighted. It is also possible to get a logo professionally made on freelancing sites as everyone knows this.

Post Captions

Post captions are an essential part of your post. They should contain 4 main elements:

-A statement or question related to the video, such as, ‘Caption this! Funniest caption wins - comment yours below!’

-A call to action such as ‘Tag a friend who would fall for this trick’

-A call to action to follow your page, and a tag for your page for people to click on, such as ‘ Follow @username

-Credit for the content owner/creator if possible


Again, as with your bio, this description should be carefully crafted, it should include emojis and be broken into easy to read lines. I have my template description saved in my notes, and every time I post, I simply copy it from there, and change the necessary details.

  1. Pick your niche.
  2. Have a professional bio.
  3. Find the right content that fits with your niche.
  4. Make sure your following 30 people that have same niche as you.
  5. Post content.
  6. For first week post everyday.
  7. And what you need to do is to Follow-Unfollow people in the same niche as you are in and try to find the best posts
  8. Search for other people in your same niche and comment on their post and say something relatable to the post
  9. Do not Follow-Unfollow too many people at the same time if you Follow or Unfollow to many people at the same time you will get Shadowbanned or blocked.
  10. Only follow the people that have liked the post and not those who follow the accounts
  11. Your page will start getting lit with viral content.
  12. Marketing and stocking will come in that’s when companies will email you or directly message to post their products

How to get on explore page part 2:-

  1. Make sure you have a good caption on your post. (Ask me for caption ideas)
  2. As soon as you post use 4 other Instagram Instagram accounts to like , comments , save and post on Repost them on story.
  3. On these 4 accounts make sure you have active followers to like and comment on the content that you posted.
  4. You have to do all that under 5 min

These are my two cents for the Community guys,you can ask me in the pm if you have any issues/doubts with Instagram,I will try to answer you in the best way!


Solid post. A lot of valuable info here. I tested a few variations of the above before with success to get an account rolling. Once you get going with these fundamentals, hard to get stopped.


That’s great man,best of luck!

So you say “use as many hashtags as you can” and shortly after you say “don’t use 30 hashtags” ?

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Yeah that means 20-25 would be the ideal range,why I said many hashtags because people think 10-15 is enough and that’s why I mentioned it.

I don’t believe in the “30 hashtags are spammy” story.
I always use 30 hashtags and every single one of my posts hits explore within 15min after posting.
My page is still below 10k, but I get decent engagement from people who follow me and people who don’t. Hashtag reach is almost always between 70% and 90% of overall reach.


Very well written. Great overview. Nice to have everything gathered in one thread. This can simply be used as a checklist also.

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Thanks a lot,appreciate it.

Wow, great post! Thanks for sharing!
How can we know the IG’s hot zone times of other countries? or if our accounts are non-US based, should we still post in US hot zone times?

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It’s a good thread and thank you for contributing to MPSocial.


Thank you for this! Super detailed and well-written.

Is this eastern, central, or pacific time?

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Eastern Time.