BlueStacks with 5 IG accounts

Hi All,

We are running a new experiment with BlueStacks, running 5 accounts in IG, and 4 emulators at the same time, (20 accounts in total) we need min 2gb Ram per emulator so we will try to go up to 32 emulators per windows machine. (160 accounts)

Before you ask, yes we are setting up proxies for each emulator.

Do you have experience with this setup? any tips to share?

Emulators are the easiest thing to track, for example they are completely banned from the game ‘Clash of Clans’. I don’t think it will be great but give it a go and update us!

May I ask, why Bluestacks?

We tested probably 8 emulators, and we ranked them, BlueStacks came ahead mainly for their support and stability. By no means we are committed to them, we are open to keep tweaking things in the experiment.

They are not the easiest to track, they are exactly like any other OS, we have tools testing it. We are not into gaming and probably some games detect were you execute them, so far IG doesn’t care the OS.

Also we have other emulators (not only BlueStacks) that are 100% like any device running Android.

BlueStacks is known by high CPU usage.

Just curious, which Android version is running the latest version? Or, are you running a Rooted version?

We haven’t faced any issue with CPU usage, we are in the business of virtualization so probably we have good settings, we have different Android versions, because we are testing performance at the moment, Android from different phone manufactures as well.

The experiment is currently running in a Windows10 machine but later will be moved to a virtual environment where we can change CPU or RAM whenever we want and for each emulator as well.

This is an experiment, we don’t do it only for IG.