Bonjour - Hello - Guten tag - Some of you may know me

Hi Everyone :smiley:

Some of you may know me already from certain forums!

Just thought I would pop on and say hello :D.

I have recently left the so called ‘‘posting in facebook groups’’ method and been snapped up by a pretty big marketing company here where I live.

The plan is to market their company on twitter/facebook/instagram and grow the business.

Im sure I will be making quite a few posts over the next while with some of my tips and tricks for Facebook account posting.


Welcome to the community, have fun!

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Good to have you here :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay.

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Welcome @inception
Have a nice stay here :slight_smile:

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Welcome buddy :imp:


welcome @inception nice to have you around :wink:


Welcome @inception! Looking forward to hearing more about you.

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