Books about Story Telling - Your Recommendations?

Recently had the idea of pimping my IG accounts and go more into the story telling approach. Does anyone of you have experience with that? And if so, which books can you recommend me to deep dive into the topic?


Winning the Story Wars is a pretty solid one. It provides a good basic understanding on storytelling. It’s nothing groundbreaking, it’s simply a good book on storytelling.


Thanks man. Just have ordered it. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, best of luck! Learning to tell stories is a such a great to skill to have in so many areas of life :slight_smile:

I don’t know what rabbit holes you want to delve into on the story writing tip, but since you used the term deep dive I’m going to figure you may be interested in a broader take as well.

Stephen Kings “On Writing” is a fantastic read and one that I return to time to time. Very insightful and will definitely help you in crafting an approach to writing with storytelling in mind… regardless of medium.

NOTE: He reads the audiobook

:older_man:OLD TIMEY PRO TIP: Here’s an extra one I’ll throw on here that I turned my nose up at years ago because who the fuck doesn’t know how to read a damn book?

But I was surprised at how it turned on a whole load of lights in my head and reframed my whole approach when I want to really read, understand, retain and be creative.

Hows that for some Oldtown Citadel Nerd shit?

:nerd_face:LATE ADDITION SUPER-NERD BONUS: Not exactly what you asked for but I figured I’d fill it out a little bit

Let me throw one more “when I’m doing research for writing shit and feel like using a pen, pencil or plume” mode.

Here’s a way I use to take notes (adapted of course for books, articles, things of interest… as I don’t do the lecture thing.) when I’m going to use the material for other derivative purposes as I tend to quickly get sidetracked.


Great for distilling down posts/content from larger ideas to keep in a nice orderly bucket… when you wanna rock it old school with pen and pad (Stereo a tape and a nice big plate of fish…which is my favorite dish but without no money it’s still a wish - The Great Eric B.and Rakim):musical_note::musical_note: