BOOOM...we did it ! Sexual abuse of boys often overlooked by state laws, global study warns


After 4 years and thousands of hours of work, and hampster running a software with ‘A particular set of skills’ we have finally being heard and impactis being made. Last year nominated #8 in the world, this year the topic of the sexual abuse and human trafficking of boys is gaining the attention of media and government agencies.

I think MPSocial prefers that we dont post links to outside websites, so here is a screen shot. It is of an article on the Guardian website.

To the hamspter with the skills…thank you for the force multiplier…cheers


Congratulations man. I hope that this is just the beginning of a growing awareness and eventually action and laws on the books to protect and heal abused men, for whom there is almost nothing. I could say a lot about the criminal neglect, inequality and rampant sexism (perpetrated by men and women together) when in comes to (not) helping abused men and boys, but will refrain from going further down that dark track.

No one cares until it happens to a loved one and that’s when you learn that society has a whole other load of abuse to heap upon you for daring to speak up about what happened and seeking help.

It takes a great man to swim against the tide and the taboos and not giving up after constant setbacks, so again congratulations Doc.


Hey appreciate that mate. It’s been a journey. Could not have done it without the tools and support. There is no way.

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