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Long story short, how often does this happen to you:
Going to youtube to listen for some music or search for something, and you see some recommended video about some game you used to like, or some celebrity bullshit and then you just click that, and after 5 hours you find yourself watching turtle races and wild animal fights , well to me that happens way too often.
So after looking around for a while i found this addon -
It basically blocks videos from appearing on your youtube by channelor keyword.
Now just need to find one for facebook, and we are good to go :grin:
Update - found same for facebook-


Turtle races?
It’s never a good idea to race a turtle :wink:

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I have seen enough

oh my god, happens to me all the time. Youtube and Facebook are really good at catching your attention unfortunately on bullshit most of the time! This is especially annoying if you are doing some work on Youtube or Facebook! Actually for Facebook there would need to be an addon to just black out the Newsfeed…

:joy: [quote=“mindeswx, post:1, topic:6417”]
Update - found same for facebook-

ok you added this one just now. Exactly what I need! Awesome!

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I think it might be outdated :frowning: , updated post with even better facebook addon!, oh my, this one seems a m a z i n g

I have been binge watching some youtube stuff.:sweat_smile:


damn that was fast :joy:

I know right? What’s even funnier i looked it up like 4am to prove a point to my girlfriend :joy:

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