Boost your story views with new stay home sticker

Hey there! Instagram just released a new sticker regarding covid-19 and the campaign to stay home. If you use this sticker in your Storys you will be placed at the first place in users storys as you support the campaign. You can make use of this if you want! :slight_smile:


what sticker? it has 100 different ones saying stay home
show examples of what you do and from where you get this information

it is the first one. I used it it already on a few accounts – 2 averaged 5k views each using this sticker it went to 27k .USE IT!!! It is the "STAY HOME’ sticker, the very first one.


It is literally the first sticker that says stay home. Just use it and it will boost your story views.

Hello, read all about it here. And see did you updated your app.

Guys I cannot see the sticker, do you think that is not showing in all accounts?

Hm it should be available. Did you download the latest version of Instagram? Also from what country are you?

I have the latest app, tried in 3 devices, we are in Europe, Austria.

Not available yet for Germany,Austria,Balkan and Italy as I know for now.

Funny…where most of the people must stay at home :frowning:

I’m from Germany and I can use it!

can you show me how it looks like and where you find it?

Right there the first sticker when you create stories

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