Botting one account with home IP?

Hello guys,
I was using Jarvee before to bot around 20 accounts, including my personal one from a vps with proxies. In June I got hit by an AC message for my personal account and stopped botting on that account. A big issue with botting for that account was that I used in on my mobile phone all the time and in that time jarvee was also running that account with a proxy from a different location.

So now I was thinking about using Jarvee from my home IP without a proxy to bot that personal account, so the IPs from home are almost the same and I would only run jarvee when Im at home. Sometimes I would also use my mobile data connection instead of WiFi on my phone for IG while running Jarvee.

What do you think about that? Do you think I could receive a ban or ac message if I stay in the right action limits?

I will not use the follow or dm tool on jarvee, those 2 things I would do manually on my phone. For mass liking, story views and comment likes, I’d use Jarvee.