Bought jarvee license but didn't receive anything

can someone help? my money is gone and it still says 0 days in my license.

Contact support. There’s nothing anyone from the forum can do for you.

Just because it says zero days doesn’t mean that it has not renewed or will not. Has it been STUCK at zero days for more than one, or did it just tick down to 0 and now won’t do anything?

Try restarting JARVEE as well.

I checked in my profile and it still says “License Status FREE Trial” and I paid $50 for 70 accounts license…

Also, how can I contact support? I can’t find their email anywhere.

I did some research for you and found a contact form!

Or from your Jarvee tool:

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Can’t use the jarvee tool if I don’t have an activated license…

and I already sent the message through the website but I don’t know if they will read it cuz even non-clients send messages through there.

They will read it. They will answer asap.