[Brainstorm] Manual F/UF FB rates

My agency switched over to manual a couple of months ago, as did many others. While you still face blocks, at least you have the reassurance of being able to tell your clients with a straight face that nothing about your service goes against the TOSs.

So for many, the task at hand now is finding as many ways as possible to streamline manual follow unfollow and make it scaleable.

I’m currently doing 1000-1500 follows and 1000-1500 unfollows per month for my clients, and I have not encountered any blocks. That being said, it means that it’s all the more crucial to make sure every follow counts. With automation our softwares used to make handy little lists of our sources and their follow back ratios, so an issue I’m currently facing is finding a way to calculate these ratios.

What ideas does everyone have?

The first thing that sprung to mind was having a scraper account cross check your followers to the followers of your source and then use that number with the amount of people you have followed of that source to find a %. 2 limitations: it’s not automated and it means you’ll only be able to follow 1 source at a time (you cant track multiple FB rates at the same time).

Looking forward to hearing what ideas the community has!

1500 / month? That is 50 a day. I dont understand why you switched to manual if you can basicly do 3x as much with JV today.

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I don’t do following and unfollowing on the same day as it’s triggered account comprimised before. As I charge a reasonably high fee to reputable businesses with fairly large marketing budgets I usually package follow unfollow in with other services and account safety is of the upmost importance. I could turn things up, but I’m doing the amount of actions for my clients that I’m personally comfortable with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve pushed 200 follows and unfollows on the same day with J fairly recently, but only on my personal accounts where getting a block doesn’t matter as much.

The idea is - You need to get high FBR Sources. If you have resources, pay some programmers and scrape, test and solve. For manual providers is key to have at least 30% FBR which shouldnt be a problem.

Sorry I don’t think I was quite clear enough. I know what a high follow back ratio is, and I know how to obtain that percentage, I’ve been doing client management and automation for a couple of years. My biggest issue is finding an automated way to collect the follow back ratios of sources that I am following manually. I haven’t got to the stage of reaching out to a dev yet, and I might not even need to, so for now it’s just brainstoming ideas and seeing how other people do it.

You’d prolly have to scrape very often to determine who followed you back depending on which list your are sourcing…

Don’t think there’s any other way to know

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Thanks for your response, I was kind of thinking the same tbh. Perhaps a developer could create some sort of script that links in with an interactive dashboard to give live scraper updates? I don’t want to push the follow/unfollow limits any higher than I’m already doing so it’s just about optimizing the sources now.

We can create a workable application

You initially load all of your possible targets in the app.

  1. Before starting following you select the scrapper you are going to use.
  2. Once you finish the followings, the scrapper saves all the new following, or we can set a defined time after which the application will scrap the new following you performed.

The application keep checking who followed you back, and update the FBR.

Contact me if you wanna discuss in details.

Usually I’m not open for people trying to sell me stuff on forums but I’ll admit I’m intrigued. Send me a message with more information and the costs of it.

why not mirroring your action on your bot with other/slaves account ? so you will know the FBR estimation on your manual follow ?

I am testing 2-3 accounts on JV. all of them with 4g private phone proxy that i am using.
I am following 6-10 people and get blocked for few hours… WTF…

How can you do X3 more per day.? please share

That’s a good point but as you know FBR varies account to account so the best way would be have something actively tracking FBRs.

Could you please keep this talk aligned with the topic of the thread. Thanks.

If I understand your inquiry you’re looking for an automated tool here, no other short way to do this particular task (that I’m aware of). My personal suggestion would be to pay a programmer to write down something for you.

I am saying all that because i am start now switching to manual also.

Yes but you asked him a question about automation

I’d like this to just be an on topic thread if possible, maybe try PMing them and you’ll get a more direct response rather than going off-topic here.

Thanks for your response! I was thinking that too, seems like I’ll have to go manual in calculating FBRs for a bit and if it makes a big difference to results for clients I’ll consider paying someone to do it for me.