Brand-new action block posting captions from phone?

Hey guys, this is nuts, I am automating this account, everything is running smooth, I also upload pictures and write captions, however for last 3 days while adding captions manually, I get action block.

Same happens when I attempt to comment under the same post.

Interesting enough, account running on fairly low settings, 4g, EB only, no blocks past 6 weeks whatsoever

See the video please, any idea how to fix this?
Caption action-block?

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link is here

You upload the image from phone?

yes 13 chars chars

try making a post and saving as a draft with the caption

fun fact: I could add caption / comment from EB from JV

this is interesting , is your account high quality ? and warmed up ?

should be all good, running smooth for over a year now with JV, never had AC before or any major issues really.

do you have links in your account?

I have the same message but over DMs now. Not maximum time of blocking set up and i’ve been like this for 6 days…

ill try resting the account probably.

do you have any updates on this? I was pretty much comment/like/post blocked LOL for 3 days till today. Even though the post block is gone, now when trying to upload a photo I can’t even see my caption.

Are you still caption block and if not how long does it take to start posting with captions again?

any improvements?

how do you add a caption from EB? I am posting and captions are not showing up. Wondering if I add through EB, will it work

you can update captions through the Manage Comments section inside of JV. If that gives you a block error, try to clear cookies and reset device ID (worked for me).