Brand New TikTok Every Video Stuck On 0 Views

I made a brand new TikTok page. And posted 5 videos on it. The next day all the videos still have 0 views. I posted one more to see what would happen and it got 0 views too. Usually you get some views especially with a new TikTok account. Does anybody know why this happened? Or how to fix it?

I don’t know but we can trade views likes comments if you want and follow each other then it should help boost your algorithm a little.

were you able to solve this issue? Its been 2 days for me at 0 views

They changed something in algo but some ppl figured out how to fix this.

Tiktok is funny. I had an idea to stuff it with videos and let it make me viral then again I realized that it’s not a person. It’s a code, most specifically an algorithm that only knows to suggest content that’s relevant to users based on interest.
my advice. if you are a beginner, maintain 3 things,

1st - post videos at a specific time every time you want to do it. (or you can use the TikTok website. it can schedule)
2nd - use relevant trending tags (you copy tags from other successful accounts from anywhere on the internet.)
3rd - create a catchy title ( short words about the content in the video) - this helps TikTok add your video to all the others that have the same title