Branded accounts problem

Can anyone help me with this problem?

I have watermarked, created logos, captions and everything. It took a lot of time and effort. I have created enough images for my 5 brands to post up to 1 year. I have my own 5 personal accounts on my phone and have changed their usernames to the ones that will be needed for brands (branded instagram usernames).
I am planning to create 5 accounts for those brands in embedded browser using Mass Planner.
The questions are:

  1. Once I will be creating the accounts, do I need to create them with the branded username at the registration proccess by changing those usernames from my private accounts? Or just create new accounts with random username and change to branded usernames later? But it might trigger a PV,EV ?

I am trying to avoid any bans that may occur due to some reasons (changing usernames, botting on MP). I don’t want my branded usernames be banned because I have created the content for each of my future brands. So if some of the accounts will be banned due to some reasons, I will lose my brand and all content and I will need to do it all over again.

What is your solution?

Are you worried about the PV or EV because you don’t plan to have these 5 accounts verified?

There might be a relation from how active the name holding accounts are at the moment to the transfer account, in regards to a ban rate. I am not sure on this, if it safer to wait after warming the accounts to change the name vs. acquiring the name from creation. I would like to know as well.

No, I am not worried about the PV or EV. Anyways, you still have to do those at any time.
I am worried that some of my branded accounts can be banned due to some reasons (bad settings, changing usernames, and many more factors) and I will lose my brands and all my effort that I put in creation of those brands and their content.

Well in the case of that it comes down to experimentation and regarding all the great information we have available to ourselves. I am in a similar situation to yourself, where I am about to begin operations on multiple accounts, for my first time.

Fearing the possibility of a ban comes down to a lot of factors of course. I would ask yourself some questions like.

  • Am I using a trustworthy proxy provider. (or are you creating your own?)

  • Your plan to warm the accounts up? (I believe from what I have read this is a large factor in BR’s)

  • Ultimate goal of the account. (In your case long term brand use vs. churning n burnin)

I am sure someone much more qualified than my self can comment on the changing of names of your account. What I have read however is that within your warm up period of the specific account you will change your name, bio, profile picture, and maybe upload a small amount of content over the course of 24-48 hours. You could then after that small gestation period of making the initial changes, begin to bot the account followers/likes/comments… etc at a small rate. Every tutorial will go over this stage, as I’m sure you have read before.

If I were in your shoes I would begin creating the accounts and use the brand name from the get go, no need to create your own brand new account with a random name to only change it days later to your final, because it is brand new. I would be more wary in changing the names on a bought account, that you know nothing of.


I put a lot of effort, so I am planning to use SSLPrivateProxy IG proxies that costs more than 4$ each (because I need 15 only ATM).
I will create accounts with embedded browser using those proxies and for botting as well (as I understand that changing proxies increases ban rate).
Yes, I will warm up those newly created accounts (with branded usernames) for about 1 month…
I am planning to use those accounts for long-term because I am creating a brand. No CPA, no blackhat. Only growing my follower base.

Is it a good method for my case?

By the way, I don’t know whether I need to post branded pictures on new accounts right away, or just wait some days.