Breaking the 30 Hashtag Limit

This idea might just be completely pointless but I guess only proper and extensive testing will tell.

I’ve dabbled in testing the idea of exceeding the 30 hashtag limit per post in early 2016 but never really did any extensive analytics. Every time you create a post, a single user’s hashtag limit is 30 right? Now since some choose to use hashtags in the 1st comment opposed to the original caption itself to keep the caption looking “clean” it’s clearly possible to have another user post an additional 30 hashtags in a comment right after given the hashtags are a completely different set. When I tried this with both my accounts that have a 500 likes engagement average I see a small 5% spike in engagement. However the results I was already getting from my engagement alone would fluctuate from 400-700 regardless. Has anyone every tried something similar or is this no longer possible on Instagram?

For the sake of this test lets compare 2 accounts that have very similar engagement patterns since we all know that if a post is engaged by a much larger account the smaller account’s post will basically be boosted.

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I’ve thought about this, but I personally think its risky IMO. I feel it un natural to have more that 30 on any post, especially if it was another set of hashtags from another account. If you do this i would make sure accounts are completely not tied in any way. (not that you should have any accounts tied obv).
not a bad idea to ponder.

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You don’t need another user to do that

  1. you can first post your main post without any hashtags
  2. post your first comment with thirty hashtags
  3. quickly edit your mainpost to add in another thirty

Bam! You have sixty

The goal here is automatically optimize reach via hashtags with your network of accounts. For example, if I had a network of pet related accounts. I could add 300 hashtags related to pets. However, the question of whether or not this makes a difference in your engagement still remains.

I have to admit, its some what of a shady business which is why I’m curious if its even worth attempting on a larger scale. From my own testing the benefits seem very minimal but if you’re already creating a network of IG accounts that constantly mention each other, might as well throw in some extras no?

Maybe IG will limit your reach for to many hashtags.There was a guy on blackhatforum who said he was growing and selling accounts,and was swearing by the fact that IG gives you a penalty for anything over 15 hashtags.He only used 10-15 and said he was growing account succesfuly for a living.


This make a lot of sense! Now thinking about that, my accounts with biggest results are the ones with less hashtags

Yes you can post a lot of hashtags this way, but there seems to be not much visible engagement after increasing more than 30 tags

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good info m8, thanks.