Browser ideal for creating new accounts (pls recommend)

Hi, i’m a iMac/macbook user and i’m seeking recommendations for the right browser to create social media accounts.

I know that mozilla firefox browser has the private browsing option. i can click a button to enter a private browsing session
It says that it won’t capture any history of the webpages i visited, keep any cookies or temporary session files, but if i use the private browser to create new accounts, would social media websites still be able to read my old cookies, temporary session files to know that i have created similiar accounts before?

I’m not asking this specifically related to instagram. i know that using web browsers is not a good way to create instagram accounts

I’m asking this more related to lesser know social media websites such as weibo which is like China’s answer to instagram and facebook. i’m researching it lately and understand that it uses some anti-spam methods similiar to instagram, but not as advanced.

If its a mobile app/site then use mobile browsers. Change your user agent to Safari or something, clear browsing data when craeting new accts and use dedicated / private proxies only

referring to deskop, not internet browsers on a phone.

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, any recommendations? and i need to research on how to clear browsing data

all of them are good because thats what everyday people use to create their REAL accts