Bubble Fruit is looking for TikTok users who want free products!

I got a message about getting free products n exchange for a post - if anyone wants to make “#sponsored” posts. I guess Bubble Fruit is like… Orbeez meets Jelly Fruit?

anway here’s the link they sent me to sign up: bubblefruitambassador .com

Your company lol?

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dude i wish. i dont even know why they messaged me. i have less than 1k followers :confused:

Why would serious company like Del Monte which owns Bubble Fruit brand use google forms for applications?

Wouldn’t they post a form on their official website?

And why would they use use domain whois protection, which is btw registered 4 days ago…


Uh oh … Busted !! :smiling_imp:


obvious scam and why would a huge tik toker want a cheap product for free when they can get real people to pay them for shoutouts etc lol

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