[BUG] Error posting in the wall

with all the facebook acconts I can no longer post in the wall as I get the error “Skipped 55: Read-only Facebook page/group/event”. Is it just happening to me?


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Any news about that? I have same issues.

hi! i have the same issues… did you find any solution?

You can’t post to your wall or the groups you’re in? Make sure the language setting on your account is set to English. It usually returns the error if the language is not English.

Yesss you have solved my Issue :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Today another issue…
error 55
In Facebook sell post.
Probably sell postcode… i can t find a list of italian sell post code… what i can do?

Thanks it’s solve my problem :slight_smile:

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you should repost then open the EB and watch where Jarvee gets stuck and what happens exactly then you should contact JV support and explain what happens it might not be the postcode.

Agree with @Luca, retry publishing the post, then watch on the EB what’s wrong when it’s trying to post. You can also check the error image displayed in Summary tab (hover over YES in the error column).