[BUG] Oops an error occured!

Do you guys have any experience with this bug?
Today, I have some accounts got some message that they reposted copyright content from another user. But when I ticked I total agree that my contents will remove.
And then A new page appears with the text "Oops an error occurred!’
Can’t recover accounts
Any solution? Thank you!


I’ve got the same thing on one of my accounts.
Copyright infringement notice happened on two of my facebook accounts as well…

Yes im facing the same issue from yeaterday,can i contact you in other ways?

Yea this happened to me and when I clicked to accept, I got the oops error. But I just waited a couple of days and did it again and it cleared up

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It was fixed now after recent update☺

Just today, experiencing this error. Anyone encountered the same? Instagram might be overloading now

Right after login

Persists in API & EB

How about googling first ? :stuck_out_tongue:

its a more global issue on IGs ends as it looks like…


Thanks for pointing out!

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Is that a new account? Or an account performing relogin? :thinking:

It’s a client account.

this is happening to one of my clients account too

yeah basically there everything that has something to do with a “confirmation / challenge” is not working. Parts of there servers for that are down what you can read online… (all links to that pages are not working

So if an account is running its fine but it does an relog which trigged for example an EMAIL Confirmation than the account is stuck till its fixed on there end.

just check for example try to log in to the account via EB and take a look at the link were it got stuck :slight_smile:

How you fix it ?

So basically this bug is on Instagram side right?