[BUG] posts not being seen on any profile

Hey guys i have noticed on a lot of my own accounts and client accounts i am experencing this error.
The posts part us blank and not seen and this is happening for all profiles seen from that account but if you see via chrome they are proper. clients are complaning about this.

Try logging in to another phone.
And see if the problem is still :slight_smile:

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hey i just logged in on an android phone from the account and there also same problem is there.
first i had it logged onto iphone.
anybody else getting this error?

Is anybody else having this kind of a problem? I have seen this on several profiles of mine and I have paused all actions but still it’s not back to normal.

Damn, I don’t know :frowning:
I don’t have this error.
And when I had something like that, I logged in to another phone and everything was ok :(.
Wait 24-48 hours.
Maybe it’s an instagram error.
Now they are constantly updating something.
And yesterday there were a lot of mistakes.

I have not seen statistics for 3 days.
They’re still loading: D

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Instagram has had a spike in reports on down detector over the last couple of days, not to mention the recent update. Just wait it out, it’ll fix itself soon enough.

i was having the same problem
but for me shutdown the app and restart it fix the problem

hey the problem is i have tried the same on different places but the link is blocked everywhere. clients phone proxy ip etc

we are using linktree as of now

I am getting this on several accounts that bot or use masslooking, but not all of them! All of my clean accounts that have never botted or used ML are fine. If you restart your phone sometimes it fixes it.

Same here… also had a thread about it. The problem only occurs when Jarvee is on and doing its thing. Once I turn it off and check back in an hour it works normal again… also waiting for a fix :thinking:

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yes even i did the same thing whenever i stop J it gets back to normal and when i start it back again it becomes like that again in 1-2 days so we have to find a solution for this. Restarting the phone is not working as this is happening on all devices and also on proxy so i dont think it’s phone related.

It’s one of those errors which we get on profile when J is doing the work

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That’s right, seems like we are one of the few that have that problem…