Building 4g mobile proxy

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also interested

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also interested

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In a day or two BetterKnow on BHW will release his new tutorial on how to build 4g proxies I think that can help you
Idk if I can post a link here, just Pm me and I can give you the link to the thread


Thanks !
How are you aware of this ?

I have been looking for a tutorial for a long time and asked few people on BHW and someone messaged me that he is going to release this serevice. Probably it will be in the sales thread today or tommorow

oh so it’s not a free method ok

Hi, sir, you can try my solution and free, :grinning:

The detail is here allproxy
Just 2 steps, I’m sure you can do it:

  1. Download and install (no root needed) latest app (allproxy) in google play store.
  2. Change the server address to and Connect it
  3. Done, now you can use your phone as a proxy.

Does the phone need to be on 24/7 for the computer to access the proxy?
or can you reroute the proxy from the api to run on the ip without the phone being connected?

could you explain please why change the server address to ?
just to make a connection in order to proper learn :slight_smile:
thank you very much

Because “conn4” is a free central transfer server, anyway , it’s easier to understand once you run the APP.

Yes you do, I use to use allproxy. My suggestion is to get an old android phone and then just download allproxy on it and then just leave your phone somewhere plugged in (I do suggest unplugging it to let the battery drain every so often)

Are you using a raspberry?

Yeah to many dongles

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on Jv, under your proxies, what is your proxy response time if you dont mind me asking?

Do not use allproxy, it’s dangerous app…Anybody can access your IP, since there is no any username and password functionality…You need to pay hundred of dollar to his paid service to protect your IP.

Anybody can guess the port and can use your proxy for any purpose…


:), you are wrong, the paid service is not just protect IP, it includes deploy yourself allproxy server, with url whitelist/blacklist, ip whitelist, data usage limitations…, and even for my free server, it also has username/password if the data usage more then 30G.
BTW, I will enable the the random auth feature in this week, then all the proxies will with authentication.

I’m not wrong buddy. You just explain the advance future which we might don’t wanna use it. The main features is to protect our IP, and it cost nothing less than $100/month right now.

Random authentication is just bogus thing, you can still use our IP if you want. Better sell your script, so we can deploy to our own server with our own app, but you need subscription based commission on monthly basis, which no one gonna like it, since there is already better alternative like proxyknow, which required to pay only once for lifetime.

$100 is for deploy yourself allproxy server, so where can I get your IP? It’s why I said you didn’t understand how it wokrs!
I’m sure there are many way to deploy 4g proxy, everyone can do their choice, but pls do not make wrong comments!!!
BTW, you can even deploy allproxy server in your Lan, in that case, do you think I still can use your IP? If you said yes, OK, I have no more thing to say!!!

You can try ProxyKnow guide
But it really costs if you wanna go for bulk setup as the guide uses 1 Raspberry for 1 dongle only