Building email lists with IG

I want to start building email lists with IG and I have just one question:

if I link to a landing page just to collect email leads with a strong call to action, without any content locker or stuff like that, will it risk to cause a ban? or is it safer than doing CPA (pre lander > content locked landing)?

What’s your experience?

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i have amassed over 20,000 emails from using IG. no prelander just landing page with email submit. but i really haven’t made much from buiding a list. not sure if email marketing works with 18-25 year olds which is what IG is mostly made up of.


I’ve used a landing page to collect emails and usually offer a lead magnet or something free that people would want which is an ebook on Instagram tools. I’d just get the emails and direct them to whatever other sites that you had in mind. I’ve been using aweber for my emails and even used their landing page feature to make my landing page. However I’d suggest looking into other tools like leadpages to make a better looking landing page.

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Thanks! :wink:

I can design and code my landing pages and I will use Sendy on my own server + Amazon SES to send emails, much cheaper than any other solution for huge lists

Split the content over 3 to 5 pages with the “meat” to solve their problem on the last page.
Put an onclick() on the next to last page’s next navigation button to display an opt-in to reach the “meat” page.


  • 1st page (slight build-up)
  • 2nd page (climatic build-up) -> onclick() ->
  • 3rd page content (meat)

Use link prefetching to make the next page display instantaneous.


This seems like overcomplicating too much just to collect an email.
I think a decent landing page, with a optinform and some information about the legit bonus they will receive would do the trick

It may seem overly complicated, but it’s like long page sales letters, it simply works. You won’t know for sure until you do a proper split test of two different methods from opt-in all the way to end where the end result is a conversion i.e. money. Then, you have to take into account metrics like contact engagement, buy recency, lifetime value, user quintile breakdowns, etc.


Yes and a free lead magnet like a small ebook or something of value would be a good incentive to sign up

Why not invenst in a email harvester like Atomic Email Hunter or ScrapeBox.I think it can even collect email adresses from facebook.

Because that would be… not quite legal, I think. :wink:

Hey I have been researching all other email alternatives, discovered amazon ses is the cheapest out there, but how do you config with sendy? And does it work effectively?

Setting it up is quite easy, just follow the guide

And Amazon SES can be your best or worst friend.
Price is $0.0001 per email sent. But initially you have low limitations (14 mail/second and max 50.000 mail/day).
If you manage to keep a low bounce rate and complain rate (<5%) you can ask to progressively increase them. So you will need a legit and not spammy list :wink:

Thanks makes a lot of sense

legendary advice right there.

Basically suggesting to add layers so that people have every opportunity to LEAVE and NOT sign up.

And leaving only the people who are HUNGRY & CARE so much to sign up.

Hence, better email list - imo.



Thank you for the helpful information! I’m looking forward to use that in my own email list. Saved that for a project I will starting soon.

I just realized my reply is the first one after 1 year :smiley: The thread is back at life haha

Don’t use the same link for more than 5 accounts, create different landing pages with different links every 5 accounts and you will be fine