Bulk DMs to your own followers

Does anyone have experience with bulk messaging his own followers on Instagram?

Limits, blocks, AC ?

Best tool to do it?

I’ve been using Jarvee’s Contact tool. Limits 20 Dms per day. If the account is warmed up you shouldn’t have any issues. Just use scrapers as well.

20dm to other users or to your own followers?
I’m talking about sending DMs to own followers

20 DMs to your own followers? :thinking:

I do up to 60 a day with 0 issues

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interval time per DM ? and are the content unique or same content?

I got PV :rofl:

My settings are

1 message every 10-20 minutes

Same message no spintax

Total 90 a day

It delivered around 40 then I right after I pushed to 2 message every 10-20 minutes I got PV.

Own followers only

40+ is definitely pushing it. I’d keep it at 35 big max

Ingramer says they send 100 daily without issues

I think i’ve sent 200 or more daily to my own followers by manual as well

however everytime I use Jarvee it triggers PV easily when using contact tool

Even manually you should expect a block after 50. We’re talking everyday action, not a single day. I speak from experience. For jarvee i’d keep it at 20 max.

40+ is too much these days and there is no reason to go there if you are dming followers everyday just take it slowly 25-30 max and with enough time between operations, slaves, and good proxies.

Also, sending the same exact dm many times will definitely cause you issues whether you are using JV or manually or another software use spin syntax and you should be good.

Out of curiosity, have you noticed any difference when people respond and have a conversation?

I send a fair number of DMs to influencers that I am friendly with, but I don’t want to start pushing it over the edge if I cold DM some of my other followers.

No way you can send 100 daily without issues, or at least no way sending that many DMs for couple of days in a row.

I personally I don’t think it’s possible now days. 100 DM is way too much

Yeah 100 is too much.
50 can be done with Jarvee (know that from experience by messaging new followers on some accounts)

Increasing from 20 to 50 over some days will do it.

I personally don’t send more than 30 DMs per day even though I’m sending DMs with aged accounts + good spin syntax. You should really use spin syntax in your message text to avoid blocks and verification issues. Also, don’t use your account manually on your phone at the same time as when the account is running in Jarvee. Check the Enable contextual actions option, and set the Contact tool to send 1-2 DMs per hour.

of course there will be a difference, you can keep the conversation as long as you want, 200 messages in one conversation are possible even more because the other part is responding IG won’t block you.

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