Bulk Email Verification

Is there a way to bulk EV a load of accounts I have using Jarvee?

Yes of course, that’s what it’s for!

You have to have the account emails imported than you can automatically EV the account.
Check under settings - social accouts - automatically auto email verify

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I probably should have had a good nose round before posting, thanks for your insight

No Problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:

Sorry, that would only work for my accounts loaded into Jarvee wouldn’t it, what I am after is, having purchased a lot of accounts to use on exchange etc, is to email verify them, would I have to load them into the system still just ensuring this box is checked?

I don’t know if I got you - but to email verify them via Jarvee, yes you have to import the Instagram Account INCLUDING the email attached to it.

Yes, I think you did, so I have these accounts I want to use literally just for like exchange, but I would have to load them in like a normal account?

To use them for like exchange you will have to import them as “normal” accounts. Otherwise how should Jarvee know which accounts to use?