Bulk ipv6 proxy recommendations

Does anyone know a good ipv6 proxy provider they can recommend?

Looking for 1k+ proxies at no more than $50.

Ideally each proxy on a separate /48 subnet.

I bet there’s a few hidden gems out there, currently getting mine for $50/1k but looking to get it down as i know there is some hidden providers out there.

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just buy new vps from contabo and create your own proxy server. vps will have 18 quadrillion ipv6 addresses included at no extra cost.

theoretically possible, but any sm platform or search engine will ban the subnet it comes from instantly. I had to just lease many /48s and create them myself.

Yes that’s right actually. Those IPs will be from same subnet so definitely it will create issue. And in most cases whole subnet will be blocked. But may be you can try digital ocean and check what kind of options it has available for IPv6.