Bulk spintax generator wanted

Looking for a tool that can create multiple outcomes of a spintax. So 1 spintax and export 100 outcomes at once.

I cant find it:)

Any ideas?




Thanks all! :wink:

Just found one. The best spinner can do it in bulk!

Amazing forum again!


Care to share ?:slight_smile:


This tool did the job…

But maybe to expensive just for this job. Let me check if i can find a dev to make a simple tool for it. Will share.


found a free one for now that works


But it will generate every 1 spin as a .txt.

For me the best would be if they arrive in 1 file :slight_smile:

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Yeah, many text files would be a nuisance. Maybe try some sort of method to combine text files together. Then you could do a few spins and have hundreds of the txt files and merge them together.

Quick search gave this link, but I haven’t read it: https://www.online-tech-tips.com/free-software-downloads/combine-text-files/

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Tried some merge stuff, but everytime it gives some errors on the emojis:)

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Check this: sp1n.me it works perfectly and gives you the stats too or https://www.linkcollider.com/page/spintaxtester if you want to get the outcomes 1 by 1 :slight_smile:



But any tip how to get them all in 1 file??

Unfortunately not… I just always do copy/paste :confused: not sure if there’s a better solution since you can also only download seperate files

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I got it:)

Download real quick all the seperate files, copy them to a folder. Download a tool called TXT collector from https://bluefive.pairsite.com/txtcollector.htm

Then you can merge them with a separate line!

Then it will show like this, and laugh about the 1 second made spin test;)

Thanks G!


Try using the free tool I mentioned here:


Can’t you just multiply the spintax (copy-paste) in any spintax generator?
You will get then as much results as you wish… :exploding_head:

I’m curious what benefit you’re getting out of this vs using the spin in the UI for comments? Do you want more control over where to use each one?

i dont want to copy past 200 times.

i want to set a number of output results and get them in a nice sheet

Just copy the spintax to excel, copy that to 1000 cells beneath it, copy and paste those cells into ezarticlespinner, click “Spin Text” and WHAM! you have 1000 variations. I use this to generate 10k+ spintax generations in about 30 seconds. No, it doesn’t show the stats, but you can always use JARVEE for that!


This is WHAM YES!

Thanks! This is perfect!!!

Se on erittäin ystävällistä sinulta!

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Ole hyvä :tipping_hand_man:t3:

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cant see the the thread coz i am a noob here but keen to learn that coz that will save manual labour and a lot of time. So can u share it here

When I read this I also thought WHAM!. But when I looked into Jarvee I wondered why would you do it like this? Why are you adding the spintax captions manually? Maybe I am missing something here. But would not you be much faster if you add spintax using signature function?