Bumping of old threads

Seen a lot of this recently, and mainly in the lounge, people are bumping really old threads just to boost their stats for level 2 etc. Think it just clutters the forum and stops people getting to higher levels organically and by helping people! Not sure how it can be stopped though.


It can only be stopped by awarding people lvl access upon skill and proof. No indeed lots of people are just ‘spamming’ threads


Yeah I agree, its a shame.

I think it can’t be stopped. Everyone is hoping to find a solution for the current situation on lvl2

I often see people spam at least 10 threads all at the same time to boost their stats, and don’t give any info at all, just one line responses. Maybe mpsocial should only let lvl 1 users make two comments every day on the lounge category.

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Good idea that, the replies are just generic and are on posts from months ago!

Nobody stops you to help people, interact, comment posts, etc.
If somebody here thinks that the level2 or 3 is the Holy Grail they are really mislead. :slight_smile:

Think you have misunderstood. Im saying that people spamming the forum with useless welcome posts on a thread that is 3 months old is stopping those people growing organically, and just artificially boosting their stats. Ive got no problem with that but when useful posts are on the next page because of this spam it does get a bit annoying?


Absolutely! and to “control” that the forum has admins and moderators, right? or hasn’t?

Thats why I posted this. I’m not sure what they can do and was hoping for suggestions.

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Threads should auto lock after an inactivity period of a month max in my opinion. A simple message such as this should suffice and make the forum a lot less cluttered:

This thread is inactive, if you’d like to know more information on this topic, please message the OP, or use the search bar


Thats a great idea, agree completely.

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Sorry, but I do not believe the website platform that mpsocial is on can be customized to that extent as well as the admins are extremely busy with different matters… If it is bad, please send me a pm of the threads that are causing you guys some trouble and i’ll see if I can do anything about it. If it offers good info, I will not touch it. if its bad info well we can see about cuttin it out :hocho: :slight_smile:

Ok man, yeah it’s a tough one I agree. It doesn’t bother me too much tbh just if there was a quick fix that would have been cool. :sunglasses:

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wish there was buddy! It’d make patrolling a lot easier for us hall monitors :wink:

hope you have a great day

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And you, cheers for clearing it up :+1:


I’m just hoping to find more info other than the blocks since i’m passed that. Just annoying to also still have to reply to topics which dont matter much to myself rather than just being rewarded for helping out a lot on just less threads

Fantastic idea :+1:


I think the blocking of threads after a while is the best solution. I agree with @embraceone