Bumping post by changing hashtag/nametag

I was wondering why there are post under recent or top (hashtags) that are several days or month old though some of those hashtags are used almost every minute. So when you add your hashtag later you will also appear in recent but not on the first positions.

I further realized when you:

  1. edit post (that is up for some hours and your post is not in the top or recent of hashtags any more)
  2. delete hashtags/nametags and save post
  3. edit post again put hashtags back and save
  4. Now your post will be higher up in recent/top!! In recent somewhere about position 20. So just outside the 9:16/17 smartphone screen but close

It does not really matter how old this post is it will be visible at least in recent again.

With deleting and putting back of nametags inside the image you even come back to first position of those tagged account (images you are tagged in part)!! I saw in J you can use nametags if posting in campaigns but you cant change them later or did i miss something? I had a bad experience with J and I am of the F/UF but maybe this could be something that works. I just need to auto this action other wise work is too much.

I got likes by doing this on very old posts so I am sure that is working though it is not much. But if lets say all post are changing their nametags once a day to different Hubs. A rotation might be necessary to not pose to many questions…

A) Do you have negative experience (for example blocks or bans) from changing hashtags of posts or nametags too often or even just once changing?
B) Do you know tools to auto steps 1.- 4.
C) Do you know a way to change the caption and nametags on windows pc without third party software?
D) Which third party softwware could change the caption and nametag manual? Are there any?
E) Is it normal that an error appears after changing a caption and saving and you have to press save again? Because it always does on my android app of IG.

This is my first post here. I googled and searched MP but couldnt find anything in the basic forum…btw. if you like my post please leave a :heart:

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Nobody?:sunglasses: Is this topic already discussed and I missed it?

I think generally there aren’t many positives that come out of this. There are not too many people looking through recent posts, and when there is it’s on a massive hashtag where you’re post will be pushed under in a matter of seconds.

I’d imagine that this would be a fast way to get a shadowban, I have heard of this before but generally I would frown upon it as it’s a clear indication to Instagram of malpractice on their platform/abusing the platform.

Good to test on dummy pages that you don’t care about, but I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole for any of my clients of niche accounts.

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Thanks for your feedback. Will do some more tests with a burner account.

I m in a snafu! all my posts that were in “top” posts have been demoted to recent posts. ones that had been stuck in top posts for 5 months (due to low hashtag amount around 5K)demoted , as well as a recent post I made yesterday where I used 30 hashtags, it went to top post on 10-14 hashtags, and was entirely demoted to recent post I used a telegram engagement group yesterday on an auto drop (so I did nt overuse like feature) I used 2iphones at one time today, not sure if all this is related.
Any idea if this is some ban or will my old posts go back to top posts again?