Bursts of visits from different US locations- IG crawlers?

Hello guys,

  1. I’ve been monitoring closely traffic on my website that comes from instagram, and there are bursts of visits, from 4 to 20 visits at once from the same location in the USA (CA, TX, Maine, Florida and several other states)
    What do you think about an idea to block these IP addresses that visit the site in a burst?
    Or we should let them do their job (site is a legit store, legit quality items, no shady stuff)

  2. I’ve seen that people don’t recommend cloaking links on IG, but making variables of the landing page.
    Do you think they (IG) won’t throw all similar addresses into one group and reduce engagement on all profiles ?

What would you gain by that?

As long as they do no harm, I don’t really see any points in blocking the IP’s. Let them generate the traffic.

So long as they are not DDOSing your site, there’s nothing to gain in blocking them.
On the other hand, those IP addresses may be cycled through a residential network, which is utilized by many home IPs. Blocking them could eliminate potential customers from accessing your site.

Nothing to gain, something (potentially) to lose. Better off doing nothing.

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