Business Instagram Hacked

If you are reporting your account as hacked, or trying to recover a banned account, you will submit a form to instagram. If they do not email you back, then keep on refilling out the forum until they do.

If Instagram replies to your forum submission by email, just keep on replying to the email they contacted you on.

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I’m having the EXACT same problem and I’m freaking out. How would I be able to contact Instagram?

What forum? All I get is the help center. Im having the same problem but I’m not sure what to do. whenever i log in on my phone, I get "{“status”: “fail”, “message”: "Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”}” I’m not sure where to go to contact Instagram.

Whats the info to email Instagram? I’ve tried but I get a reply saying that they don’t use it

@weekendso look at the above screenshot and visit the Help Center with that link shown

there will be options for you to choose, that will lead you to fill up a form (Brandon meant form, not forum, i believe)

you would need to email them with the same email address associated with your lost IG account.

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Their account wasn’t lost. He hit the button too many times…

god show him the right road , it’;s time to be a spammer and take his revenge

It’s nothing , just people spend years to grow their accounts and as all are instagram’s property , they stuff of ig and it’s friends , use the people’s accounts to gain $.Where is the problem ? ig offers the platform to “entertain” and people the work to make ig more wealthy.It’s total fair.
Qutote : i will send an application to work to ig 1 month for free , the next i will make x,xxx$/day from million follower accounts shoutouts !

I did same , retried many times. 5/6 accnts now are “page is not available”.But i was better than him : i used because i was freaked from us to chinese and malaisian online phone services per account.And that’s the way to go !
(i’m lucky though i have not a grown account)

Thats that I am thinking, I wish they would say why it was disabled.

that is the message I also received when my account was disabled, even now I can no longer use my phone for 2-step, seems they reactivated my account but my phone number cannot be used to enable that.

This happened to me tonight! I’m afraid I’ll lose my account! Will someone please help me! It’s Instagram

We can tell it’s Instagram, are you trying to log in?

Check your e-mail that you used to create the account with.

Just as a side-note to this great discussion.

IF your account ever gets hacked into with the username changed and the phone number + email changed, you can still get it back so long as you have the signup - original - email address handy.

The steps are as follows:
A- Navigate to a post you commented on previously
B- Find your comment
C- Write down the current username. This will be the current username for your - hacked - account
D- Go to Social Blade Instagram
E- Look up the - hacked - username
F- Copy the Instagram USER ID number (then write it down somewhere)
G- Go to this Instagram page and fill up the form.

In the description box, be sure to mention:
1- your old username.
2- The New - hacked - username - which you get from step C above
3- your original email address
4- The phone number used with the account
5- The Instagram USER ID which you get from step E above.
6- The last time you had access to your account
7- Highlight all the text in the description box and copy it
8- Save that text for later use.
9- Send the form and wait for 6 hours.

If you don’t get a reply. Repeat the process.
This is where Step number 8 comes in handy. You just copy and paste the description and send the form again.

Eventually you will get a reply.

Good luck.


Wow, for just having joined, you have done your homework!

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Thank you. I wish it was only homework on that bit though.

The above is what I friend of mine tried when her account got hacked into a while back.
The part about finding an old comment was pure coincidence :grin:

So, I figured I’d share it here just in case anyone is in the same position.

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It will let me log in but then it goes straight to what the picture says

Do you have an e-mail fro IG?

Reading through the entire thread one question comes to mind: if your last line of defense is the original creation email, does it stand to reason you should have a different email associated with your IG account so that the hacker won’t even know what the original one is?


Hey could you please help me out am experiencing the same problem am freaking out.