Business Instagram Hacked

I own or owned a business account on my instagram up untill yesturday at 1pm, as I ws browsing I recieved a pop up on my mobile app asking to confirm who I was. I entered my known phone number and soon realized I did not get the text confirmation. My account has or had 13.6K subscribers and it took me a year to just get that much! I I soon noticed my account was gone from IG, it says “no posts” or " no account", I can still proceed to change the password but I never recieve the text message. I have sent forms to IG and have gotten little no no help, I have perhaps one email that i hope hopeful. This morning I checked and my email is still attached to my instagram and my instagram name is not available, I can only assume my account was maliciously deactivated, I really have no clue…Just a few minutes ago I went ahead and tried to change my password, I get the email that it was changed but now I see " Message please wait a few minutes before you try again, status fail" maybe I have changed my password too much… I need help really - anyone, this is my only means of funds and was my entire career - I am a lifestyle and beauty vlogger and I have no idea why this would happen - can anyone help me.

Keep sending email’s if you dont hear back in two days. Sound this desperate. We haven’t figured out if its automated banning or The Instagram Cavalry picking us off.

But, I’ve read everywhere that crying a bunch in your emails and sending alot when they say you cant have your account back, can get it back.

How long does it take… I am very desperate, I’m loosing my sponsors - also what do you think happened? I think I was hacked but strange my email is still associated as I cannot create a new account with it.

my account was also hacked (successfully) by some indonesian badass a few days ago. besides changing the password, they also changed the email account associated to it

fortunately, because i still have access to the original email account used to create it, i can reset the account to use my original email account, instead of the reset one.

see my screenshot below

check your inbox, if you have a similiar email from instagram, click on that link at the bottom right (which says… “revert the change” )

my question to you is, the current email account you are using, is that the original email account used to creat that account? or is it not?

Yes its the orginal email account I used to create it - I get stuck with just having the option to change the password which I do - but I think they went in and changed my phone number because I never got the text for confirmation of change … I see the account was disabled because I can’t find it… I have sent sooooo many emails to IG, it will be 24 hours soon that I have not been able to login - they took my business name so I can’t even start fresh … I dunno why I was targeted.

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your account may not be disabled, the hacker probably changed the username.

check your spam box or trash box, maybe the email from instagram telling you that your password or account was changed went into the spam/trash box

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I am thinking maybe they changed the phone number on it and then disabled the account - that way I cannot access it and also do not get my business name back… how shitty

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I have searched but I will search again … any idea why I can’t use the same email or even try to use the same name? If they changed it would I be able to see it now ?

don’t worry that much, since you have access to the original email account used to create that instagram account, you still have the chance to get it back.

have you emailed instagram yet?

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I have emailed them and dug out any information to link me to my business account… I see this happen all the time but I did not think my account would be target as it was at 13.6K but in instagram that is not very large … its just beauty and makeup, as I am a vlogger … but shit I am loosing everything at this time. In the past the two-step verification was very firm but I found it annoying and turned it off…bad idea.

did you get this reply email from instagram after you emailed them?

if you haven’t, try this link


Thx 4 takin over @PortraitPhotography I have no real experience in getting accounts back. All my lost ones where purchased accounts with less than 100 followers. So fuck it, besides having usernames i wanted o well.

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i didnt’ take over… i was just sharing as part of our community…

btw, love your journey journal here

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TYTY, I have no idea how to do this journey/joural shtuff. Just trying to help myself stay on top of it all with it and hopefully others will learn from any mistakes I make :joy:

I haven’t gotten that one but I have gotten these I have attached below.

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there you go, have you responded them with what they have asked for?

I heard back a little earlier they actually disabled it - I am not sure why they did … I have no idea they said for following not community guideline… this was the first time ever in two years I was disabled, I can only say I had a pastel feed and occasionally I would repost photos I found online… I would tag whoever they belong too but there were not many just a few… any idea about disabled accounts - they said I would not get it back :frowning:

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Could you post a screenshot of their reply?

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Just keep complaining. I just got one of my accounts re-enabled after complaining for 4 weeks. I sent them 3-5 emails a day. Dont give up.


This was the response tonight, my issue is I have no idea what i did and if they don’t tell me how can I keep from this happening again… I wonder I can even get it back, have you heard of anyone getting this back.

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