Business SEO and social media

Hi everyone,

I’m planning on setting up a business and would like some guidance on options for domains, SEO and social media setup…

We’re looking to create a Thai restaurant (still deciding on the name) in the UK.

So we’re planning a domain with the word Thai and something before it, and registering


Would it be best to include the word ‘restaurant’ after [something]thai? Or would it better to include the location after [something]? Or both ‘restaurant’ and [location]? What works best for SEO and marketing? Is it best with industry keyword (restaurant) or location?

If there are other businesses with a similar name how can you use keywords to stand out in search engine results?

And with a UK business, is it best to go with a domain or better with .com? Does it make any difference? Or should we register both and .com domains that are available?

Thank you!