Buy followers worth it?

hello to everyone, it’s something that I’ve been wondering for a long time … buy followers worth it? I know very well that most instagram gurus do not recommend it, but the other day I fell into a profile of about 470k followers and lost 1000 a day, so I thought he’d bought them … the fact that profile It’s very active! receives thousands of likes and comments, so I wonder if buying followers, as a sort of “social proof” can work to have organic followers, what do you think?

In nearly all cases no.


It will kill your reach

Sell them dont buy!:rofl:


Mainly used for spamming and CPA to generate a form of social proof :slight_smile:


What he said above + if you want to create an account to send DMs on the daily, but it all comes down to social proof.

@HenryCooper is right. If you buy for real accounts…it’s calked suicide. Reasons stated above. You buy 100k of followers and you have say 1000 real… looks really shitty with 109 likes as an example


Does investing in IG ads with the goal of building followers fall into the category of buying followers?

That falls onto the wasted money category… more productive than buying followers but just as stupid


Not worth it. Your account will end up looking dead

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To date, companies, fortunately, have systems like us we use them, account analysis, and especially to see if one has a real engagement or not, so this story of buying fake Like and Follower, is absolutely a damage to your profile because if you have 100k, fake, and you have 800like, your engagement will be consequently disastrous, rather better to use a bot, and make it real and human, last thing instagram penalizes who does it, and obscure the profile, and lowers the coverage

Buy even 10% of your followers and your reach will be 2%. They are dead accounts that do nothing for you.

In today’s Instagram a 2-3 percent Er range is normal for around 100-200k. Averages in my niche quotes. There are other niches with worse ER and are normal at less than 1 percent. If one looks at comments and random surveys of likers, comments and followers ( select some followers and see their accounts ) one can quickly determine if fakes comment or like. That cannot be best and found other quickly. If potential investors into account —be it buyers of something- can find out, you already know insta knows. Not good news for that account


What are your thoughts on methods to boost engagement rate back up (and hopefully reach), such as removing ghost followers? Does this work well in actually increasing the reach again? And if so, how would you go about selecting exactly which non-likers out of the followers to remove first, because I feel like some followers may not be liking purely due to lack of reach and you probably wouldn’t want to just delete them, just enough to improve ER and reach, right?

Amen, LOL, sell likes followers comments!