Buy/Sell Instagram Accounts - 50k to 150k


Hi! I am looking to grow my account to 20k and was considering buying real followers – What’s a great site for that or the best Shoutout options for Business / entrepreneur niche?


I would still recommend Flipmass they organize shoutouts and you can contact other influencers for those kind of things


on their website?it seems like nothing is on their website


They have an app contact them on twitter


Be really careful buying accounts from any site brokering aged, active accounts. Most of the IG accounts I’ve thought about buying either had horrible engagement, and had most of their followers judged to be fake.

Check the accounts that regularly engage with the IG account also. I’ve found a lot of times that is faked with bots also.

Either buy from someone you know, find accounts to approach to buy through IG search, or grow your own.


its by invite only?


But if you do actions 1k actions in 24hours won’t that look suspicious to instagram? Especially if we consider you follow half day and at the night unfollow, that looks a lot non human-like or i am mistaken.


I agree, ive bought accounts before and their engagement was through the roof prior to purchase. I knew about buying followers, but when i was a noob i didnt think about people buying likes. So i was tricked few times.

What these sellers typically do is just build an account over a few months buying fake likes and followers. And it looks legit to a noob becuase yes they have good engagement and followers too.

I used to ask the seller to post something and then i would watch to see if that post got engagement in real time.

But again as a noob what i failed to realise was that they can pay services to drip-feed likes to a post within minutes so it looks like its getting engagement in real time.

Dont get me wrong, i have also bought accounts that were legit and had no problems growing and with good engagement.

There are other times when i brought up the bad engagement on a newly purchase account with the seller and they gave me a refund. Guilt must have got to them.


Some niches are easier to grow than others. I started a ladies bikini IG page. I stopped all automation 8 months ago and stopped posting.

I check it today and it has grown from 16k to 20k without me even doing a single thing. Who knows if it will have any good engagement. I assume when i start automation again it will probably do well. I guess the growth was largely from a male audience who will follow most IG female bikini model accounts.


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Seeking account as well - will DM.


Dude can you invite me to Flipmass? It’s under “invite only” now. Cheers


I dont have any invite codes just contact them.