Buy/Sell Instagram Accounts - 50k to 150k

which sites do you recommend for buying and selling grown Instagram accounts (50k+ follower)?
How do you make sure that you wont get ripped off?



Flip mass on Twitter.


Why dont you grow by yourself. 50k accs are pretty costy. You can grow it by yourself. Master it. And then sell that kind of accs byyourself if you got time. But i guess you dont have much time :slight_smile: .

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I checked it 2 days ago and it was banned on Twitter.

Yeah just seen that try contacting the ceo directly @stephentbiz


Yeah time is my constraint. How long does it take to grow an account to 50k+ in the travel niche? When you play it safe…

if you are really good, your best account can grow at a rate of 300+ new followers per day (on average) in the travel niche. that’s 9000+ or 10K a month, so that would take you 5 months to get to 50k+

but most of us probably average about 100+ to 200- new followers per that, that’s a rate of about 5k new followers per month, so it would take you 10 months or more.

above’s for the travel niche. meme niche is also a good niche to grow fast.

most other niches don’t grow as fast


10K a month? I’ve started a travel instagram account in December 2015 and I’m currently at 13.3k followers with trying really really hard. How on earth are you able to grow your account with 5k a month? Desperate to find out the big secret here! Or is it all with bots…?

I’m saying the best of the best can achieve 10K a month, i didn’t figure that out myself, but one of the accounts i bought from a fellow massplanner user here is indeed growing at 300+ new followers a day, i wish i could say i did it myself.

but my own accounts are growing a more humble 160-180+ a day

Yes, it’s all done using bots, f/uf and liking.

the key is to keep tuning your followback ratio, eliminate the target sources that are not giving you good followback ratio and keep finding the better ones to target.


Is there any minimum number of target accounts you should have? I mean, when you have less than e.g. 5 target accounts it might become obvious that you use a bot and you get banned

Instagram don’t know what follow sources you use. So you can’t get banned due to amount of follow sources you have. Think logically.

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300+day on fresh account is imposible,you gain followers when following people.A month has 30 days,15 days for follow and 15 for unfollow.You loose followers when unfollowing so those 9k/month numbers are rather exagerated.

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Well, it would be pretty simple for Instagram to run through your followers and notice that all of your followers follow at least one of (e.g.) three accounts (which are your target accounts) …

This effect will be reduced by having more target accounts

IG algorithm can surely detect if you’re only f/uf liking post the followers of 3 sources (example)

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  1. Agreed. And i wasn’t referring to fresh accounts when i said 300+ new followers a day. I’m referring to fairly matured accounts, under the hands of best of the best accounts builder.
    Unfortunately, i haven’t reached that level of mastery myself, and the accounts that i have growing at those rates are bought from fellow massplanner users in this forum, they gave me the settings that came along with the purchase and it does make the accounts grow fast, at those rates of 300+ a day.

  2. after learning from these veterans, i learnt to do following and unfollowing within the same day. the trick is to set 2/3 of the time doing following, and 1/3 of the time doing unfollowing, and slowing tweaking the ratios. it works better than to separate them into days of pure following and unfollowing. this is another topic altogether


I’d be very careful about your followers dropping after you buy an account, unless you have some heavy-duty budget to compensate for the shock of the ownership change.

take the following from Neil Patel’s experiment in the matter. (More on that here)

What I learned is that when you change a profile name on Instagram, a portion of the existing followers drop off. Why? Because they followed the original account and not you.

In essence, you are pulling a bait and switch tactic.

Out of the 131,000 followers, roughly 21,000 fell off. So, I was left with 110,000 followers. As I post more pictures, I continue to bleed followers, but the bleeding is slowing down.

For example, when we first took over the account, we were losing over 3,000 followers a day. Now, we are losing about 778 followers a day (each day we are adding more people than we are losing).

Carlo Pacis’s summary or commentary on how Neil manged to turn the account around is pretty solid and I think it applies here (with the numbers adjusted of course) (More on that here)

Chances are, if you’re not Neil Patel, you don’t have $57,000 to drop on a single month of Instagram marketing.

There’s always the possibility that you’d get a lot of ghosts too.

I’d stay away unless you know what you’re doing.

Good luck

You mean set the time to follow between e.g. 9AM and 5PM and to unfollow between 5PM and 9PM?
Why can I not run follow und unfollow both during the full day?

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follow or unfollow are same types of actions, and you don’t want to do more than 60 of that per hour, so you could either do 50+ follow per hour during afternoon or night (for example) and do 50+ unfollow during morning or wee hours when nobody stays awake to use instagram.

if you are familiar with the patterns of usage of the people you target, you would know when they are active, and when they are asleep or inactive.

ideally, you want to use the follow tool when your target users are active, and use the unfollow tool when they are inactive

does this make sense?

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1k - 500k All accounts are available in different niche.
Dead account / Organic Account / Hyperactive accounts.

Please do not buy any account until he is ready to sell with sign up email


Very interesting read thanks :slight_smile: