Buyaccs 10k followers

Hey guys, do anyone of you buy the 100$ accounts from buyaccs with 10.000 followers? When someone do that, do you could let your experiences with the account/engagement and your experiences with setting them up


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Ive never tried those accounts from Buyaccs before.

I have heard from many people that the accounts BuyAccs are not good quality though so im not sure :man_shrugging:

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DO NOT BUY FROM BUYACCs. They changed the password on the gmail accounts I was sold and resold them on their site once Google Voice wasn’t accepting anyone new. If they did this with a 2$ account, imagine a 100$ account.

(don’t use accsmarket either)


I would not buy from there. Even with cheap accounts I did not have the best experience with them. You find trusted account sellers here in the forum. Why risk wasting your money?

I’ve seen a lot of accounts that don’t have great engagement and aren’t worth the money.

Since I’m not lvl 2 yet, could you maybe recommend me a trusted acc seller here on the forum so I can pm him? Looking for bulk (100s) of accounts so they should preferably be like ~0.5$ / acc and not more :smiley:

Ooh didn’t see that you don’t have level 2. For 50ct/acc I cannot recommend you anything… sorry for that.

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I can sold you 10k targeted niches accounts if you are interested.
Prices are from 7$ to 10$ per 1k … so, 10k accounts price can be from 70$ to 100$

Available niches: Luxury, Pets, Tattoo, Food, Sports, Travel, Games, Motivation

Send me PM if you are interested.


Hm sad, what is the cheapest on the marketplace at lvl 2? In BHW there is a seller with pretty good accs who sells at 50 ct per acc…

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i tried instagram aged red ones with 0 followers and they are working fine with me but this week i’ve had some problems and i think the proxies are the probleme because i was doing like 1:3 and members here don’t recommend to do that specially with cheap proxies like i have

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Then buy just those. When they are actually good / work for you then go for that bargain.

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Yup, but I always prefer to have multiple sources for everything, think it’s important :wink:

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The dude that seeks them is out of stock tho

This guys change passwords of the emails they sell , So don’t use them for nothing they will ripp you somehow .; They steal there own costumers.