Buyer Beware......Social Media Management Services


Actually, i can’t install and use jarvee in my macbook pro. Some advice?


Use it on a windows VPS/RDP


If you’re buying from anyone not willing to show you their own personal account, it’s likely not a great service. With my own personal management company the first thing I open with when reaching to potential clients is “Hey my name is Connor and I own BrandingFlare”, then offer to show my personal account as well as my higher paying client accounts. 9 times out of 10 the companies taking out facebook ads to market their services tend to be scams or very low quality services. If any of you want to purchase my services, message me and I’d be happy to talk to you, especially if you had a poor experience with one of these mass marketing services. There’s dozens of people on this forum who can offer you a much better service than any of them.


I’m using Jarvee and it’s really good.


Hi everybody! I am new to this forum and glad that I found it.

I am navigating through the jungle of social media growth services and software and I can happily share with you that it is no easy task and it looks like it is very easy to get scammed or at least fooled into solutions that doesn’t deliver what they try to sell me. I have some questions for you. One is regarding that seems to look like Socialsteeze and I am currently testing and the other questions I have is regarding Jarvee:

  1. Have you tried and what is your opinion?

  2. Is Jarvee useful if I am not using the autofollow function? I will not do reposting since my posts are especially formatted. Can I use emjojies alone in auto commenting? And can I use it on a normal PC that doenst run 24 hours a day?


I tried upleap. Mehhhh at best!

It’s not organic. All automated. Random followers. Trial always seems great till you start…


Thanks a lot LLobi. I am getting the feeling that could be the case lol


Oh… I agree with your point number 2 on your profile :slight_smile: With all of my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey everyone. This company is now also operating a bunch of other websites including Magic Social, LikeSocial, Social10x.

They are all the same scam service where they run your account through a bot and spam different hashtags to try gain you followers. You can get banned quickly.

Disturbingly, the company operates a bunch of fake review sites such as Jonathonspire, Igreviews, thesmallbusinessblog, trustadvisor and more. These sites are all made to mimic genuine review sites and bloggers. Is there any way we can get these sites reported or removed from google? It’s a shocking thing. I have done some investigation and they are all linked up to a few companies in New Zealand called “Series Next Limited” and “Next Series Limited”. These have been sneakily named the same to a legitimate U.S. company called Next Series LLC which runs Buzzoid.

Theres a blog post here about Series Next Limited which exposed the scam and the companies ownership in New Zealand (as it is public record). Unfortunately it looks like they’re now renaming themselves PMP Social on Social Steeze to try and avoid being caught!


You are absolutely RIGHT!

Scam of a company with trailer load of fake companies all rating themselves so highly (no problem with that if they actually got the work done!!) OH, and then go on to bash better IG marketing services.

I called them out and they went silent. LOL


Does anybody have info on Testudo Media Management?


Never heard of them, but if you’re looking to hire someone to manage or grow an account, you’re in the right place. There’s several dozen qualified and trusted individuals on this forum, myself included.