Buyer Beware......Social Media Management Services

So I contemplated writing this…Here goes.

DISCALIMER: This is not to bash anyone as that is not my style. Just thought to spread the word and help users should they go that route.

My company recently reached out Social Steeze to help manage our IG account. Unfortunately, growth seen was negligible especially with such loud claims. So we discontinued. Then went back to this “credible source/blog” for the next best IG management service aka Rise Social. According to their ratings, of course!

First alarm went off when Rise Social had EXACTLY the same welcome introduction as Social Steeze (right down to the font :unamused: )

We proceeded to ask if they were the same or linked and they claimed they were “sister companies”. Riiiiiiiight!

Long story short, time to pay and user has same PayPal account and worse off, terrible targeting. Non english speaking accounts. Cammmmaannnn.

I went back to leave a review on this “credible source/blog” saying both services were the same and that seemed like fraud to me. No one is against you deciding to multiply your services but at least BE HONEST. Oh guess what, that review was never approved. :rofl::joy::sneezing_face:

Please beware should you choose to use either services above and I would love to know your experience if you have used them.



Is there a reason you are not using Jarvee? It offers all the features you need and you do not need to rely on a 3rd party.



Yup working on that!! Still struggling with the Windows VPS a I use a MAC but getting there.


If you you have only 1-5 accounts to grow, check out the free amazon vps for a year. More then enough for some accounts.



Awesome!! Thanks @dma0245

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I use a Mac. Just get a VPS for small accouts. You can access Microsoft Remote Desktop even on your iPhone. It’s pretty easy.


I use a VPS too. It’s not that hard. I use VirMach. Amazon was charging me $20 a month when it should have been free just to manage 10 accounts.

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With Mac, run Windows as a Virtual Machine (VM). Can use Parallels or a few other emulators

Also on Mac, download Microsoft Remote Desktop - the easiest way to log into your VPS. This will also work on your ipad or iphone to log into your VPS

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@SorryNotSorry @Connor_Lipke and @Instadog thanks a lot! Grateful for leads in the right direction.

I tried with Amazon but yet to get a confirmation so going to explore other recommendations mentioned.



Hey there!

We just got burned in the same way by socialsteez… Russian, Spanish speaking and some way out of our niche. We are switching to jarvee, any tips on how to correct set it up? Full disclosure I have no clue what a VPS is, is it the same as a VPN?


VPN= Virtual Private Network.

VPS = Virtual Private Server

One is a connection, the other is a server


So sorry to hear that. But that is exactly what we got. Crazy. I will not be surprised if they send fake followers our way. Lost them when we cut the service off. Better lost forever, aye?

VPN is Virtual Private Network. Helps with a lot of geo restricted sites/content. Also helps secure your information.

VPS is Virtual Private Server. This confuses me I must confess but studying/reading up about it.

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You beat me to it! Thanks homie!

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Just switched to Jarvee, and i’m just working out things as we speak!


This company was awful for me. I just cancelled the services. 3 weeks and i have less followers than I did before. They were even charging me and didn’t even have access to my account. What a rip off

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Thanks for the review. So hard to tell with most. If you come across a good one, be sure to tell us. For now I just stick to very conservative jarvee growth with residential IPs.

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Is Jarvee credible? And does it work for different niches?


Yes and Yes :slight_smile:

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I just had exactly the same experience. I’m starting with Jarvee. Is it good?

It’s one of, if not the best out there.

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