Buying 60k Fake Followers

Any advice?

I’ve got a reliable SMM panel but I’ve never bought more than 100 fake followers before.

Will instagram delete the account?


It will maybe not delete your account but the followers could drop very quickly.

What is the purpose of buying those followers? to have social proof?

Yes for a brand, Thank you

I would make sure to buy from a supplier that can guarantee non drop followers, which is pretty hard to find nowadays… but the service does exist!

It’s a litte more expensive, but better than the followers dropping within 3 days.

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On the long run buying fake followers for an account is not a good solution especially if you are building a brand. Your content will seem poor and it will look like your followers are not interested in what you are offering and the value you are giving on social networks. However, definitely such a huge amount of followers coming from once can look suspicious for IG. But I can’t say exactly, because I don’t have experience with this.


Yes, I would have to also buy fake likes for the content too haha



maybe purchase it as drip feed

Yeah, there is a high chance that your account will not last long because the worst thing for your account’s trust score is most probably purchasing fake followers, but hey ho :smiley: As for recommendation, unfortunately I don’t have any 'cause I haven’t used any of those services and most probably will not…

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Chances of you hitting verifications and ACs are big yes.
And when this happens to a newly created account, chances of the account getting banned, even after verification is great.

On the other hand here is a couple of things to keep in mind.

The ER will be extremely bad. Cause as you may already know, the IG algo shows your content to a certain amount of your followers, and only by a certain % of them engaging with your content it will be shown to additional followers. But imagen what happens, when the Algo shows this to your fake followers? No engagement will take place. By now you may already have guessed what will happen.
Exactly!! No additional users will see your content and this results in extremely bad ER.
As a result you’ll be forced to keep buying fake engagement to look real. This will be costy and not ideal at all for business on the long run. Most properly you geberating sales like this will be close to not existing.
You mention it is supposed to be a business page.
All smm panels claim to be solid. Trust me, they are all resellers and are getting their fake engagement through the same 2-3 chinese, russian and indian suppliers.
The only way you may have a chance for the fake followers to stick, is if they are ONLY used to follow accounts and not for multiple purposes. But almost 99% of the smm panels out there use the same followers which are following you to generate fake comment, likes and so on.
Once these fake followers get busted by the IG algo, they will be banned and you will experience drops in your followers list.

Try give aways and shout outs from big accounts in your niche. This could atleast provide you some real followers.

A question like this I think would be good to create on lvl1, as many on lvl1 can learn from this discussion.


thanks for the awesome input,

Sure they’ll get busted eventually but so many people have fake followers, I am not thinking about this too much

its just for brand power, as in, when someone comes and looks at the business profile they will obviously take more notice if the page has 63k vs 3k, especially if i have just gone an interacted with their content

Yes truely many people have a combination of fake and real followers. But still this group experience much lower ER than those with all real followers.
Now the discussion about a profile built solely upon fake followers and engagement is yet a completely nother story aswell.

Oh ashmar I so much hope the world was like this

It’s not anymore. Back in the days, you could ideally use fake likes and comments to reach explorer on IG. But today you don’t only face the IG algo to satesfy, you also face alot wiser users on the platform. People do their research, as now a vast majority knows that fake engagement exists.
But for you:

  1. If you like to base your profile on business and sells, that will not happen to an audience of fake followers.
  2. The thought of creating a “real” looking profile with fake followers and engagement, to generate interest and sales is highly doubtful.
    Even paid partners claim to see socialproof and statistics before any cooperation.
  3. You mention brand power. If you really believe in what you claim, you should try. You either win or get wiser :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyhow, I wish you great luck and I hope things will workout for you.


Thanks again,

Not expecting to get on explorer, only to get attention of target users.

I do see other brands doing this, how effective it is… im not sure.

It is quiet effective. It makes a lot of difference in getting better follow back ratio. But if you have more than 10k followers then the effect should be more or less similar. People usually hesitate to follow back new accounts with less than 1000 followers.
As per instagram deleting your profile, thats not possible as no one has any control if fakes are sent to their account. Though instagram can detect that these are coming from a server and will surely lower your engagement ratio.

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Your account won’t be deleted for purchasing the followers because there is no proof that you bought them and technically anyone can buy followers for any IG account they want. But what everyone else is saying is true, you will have terrible ER because the fake followers don’t engage with your posts so you would have to spend more money on getting likes. If you really want to purchase followers, 60k at once I honestly think is too much, honestly 10-20k is more reasonable. I don’t know what your business is but you are better off spending the money in shoutouts or having influencers promote your brand.

Although I agree with the rest of your input, this statement I do not quite share the same oppinion.

Your statement might be correct for aged accounts, who may have real followers aswell.
But starting a brand new account as OP wants to, and buying a couple of thousand fake followers CAN, not saying will but can get your account in trouble.

What a bigger flag to raise, when a new account with minimum engagement and posts starts being followed by a big number og followers from the same source all of sudden? Even if they are drop fed! Now consider the likes and comments being added too.

Account compromisation was introduced to fight this exactly. When receiving a note from IG saying they suspect you sharing password with 3rd party apps to gain followers and likes etc. That means they know the game and ofcourse can detect it.
Now an aged account with higher trustscore than a brand new may be able to pass Ac or PV, but a new account hitting these a couple of times will get in trouble, with the risk of getting blocked.

Right now we witness a great portions of users who face PVs, asked to verify themselfs with pictures, but even doing so they still loose their accounts after 24 hours. This is only an example of how tricky this game has gotten.

You will definately see what I am talking about, once you reach lvl2 and see the threads about endless verification loops and ACs people are facing due to automation. And buying fake followers and likes or using automation is all considered as using 3rd party services.

Now the solution to avoid this. Look as human as possible.

You are right I forgot that this is a new account. I still think that for any account no matter the age it is better to slowly buy the followers and not purchase them all at once.

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@Candydandy Yes. Trying to keep it a combo of real and fake followers, if one insists of buying fake. That is true my friend.

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Lol, I have a video I made where I ordered 100,000 followers haha. Account did not get baned.

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How long ago was this? And I imagine that most of them dropped haha

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Was it on an aged or new account, did you have any followers on the account before your order of fake followers? Also how long ago was it? How many of those followers did you manage to keep? Lol

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