Buying a 1M account without the OG

So I’ve bought an Instagram page using Paypal goods&services , the seller gave me the login info and I logged in the account, I changed the info, but when I asked for the og email, he said that he forgot its password, he takes so long to reply with such arrogance, so I doubt he has the og and just don’t want to deliver it, knowing I insisted on it before paying. what should I do in this case?

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did you ask for OG before starting the transaction?
You have proof of this?
If so, start a dispute with paypal.
Usualy users that take long to reply are scammers.
I noticed this with buyers.


yeah definitely watch out. I would say that you should of used an escrow service (depending on how much you paid)

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I insisted on the OG before paying, I even asked him to screenshot the former email page, and he showed me an empty page which means the og is the current email, and when I logged to the account I found another email on the former email page which is the real OG.
I’m thinking of turning the table on him by deactivating the account and open a dispute, and close it when he deliver the og, Idk if that would actually work.

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I suggested him the escrow option, but he said that he never used it and can’t trust it, so I said maybe Paypal g&s would be relatively safe to do the transaction

When you change email and everything the link he receives to revert the changes expire after some time. If you change the email, username, number, and everything he probably won’t be able to access again.

Paypal is a good option for a buyer I would say. 8 people tried to scam me on PP, as buyers, 2 of them succeeded even with all the transaction details I provided.

Paypal should be on your side in any kind of dispute regarding this IF you provide all the proof you have of the conversation, his social profiles, all the details you can find about his PP, PP email, screenshots of everything related to him. You also want to make sure he sends you the invoice and you can check his business details(address, number, verification).

This coming from over couple of hundred account selling transactions over PP.

P.S Be careful with young big accounts, in most cases, followers are inflated

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“the link he receives to revert the changes expire after some time”
Any estimation of that time?? cuz I can get his 2nd email after og that been used for at least 10 days.
it’s an old 1m inactive page, willing to make it active again and resell it , hence the og is important to me.

No idea regarding time but OG recovery is mostly a myth IMO.
Though I had troubles selling profiles were made with phone numbers because people didn’t believe that there was no OG email :smile:

Wouldn’t the first linked email to the account be the og? lol cuz it will be listed on the former email page.

It would, it doesn’t mean it’s still active. Sadly emails expire if you don’t open them and the only thing that you can do is change it.

I think I don’t have any old* accounts with active OG.

Try changing emails at least 3,4 times,that way you get a new email “that email was changed” on the previous email.
@Brisk0 how did those 2 scammer succed?

One took control of the current email, previous one was inactive, changed everything including backup info.

The second one waited for almost 3 months(end of dispute period) and when I checked the email, the link with “revert changes” expired.

6 disputes that I’ve won, I kept the money and didn’t bother with trying to “recover” accounts.

Everything was with invoice and everything and one guy almost got me because when you block someone on IG, it deletes your conversation, but I had screenshots(I just did it when buyers were raising red flags).

Paypal usually took all my evidence into the account. It’s tough when they file a refund with a bank and then PP deals with the bank and bank usually wins. One time, Paypal told me that the bank won, but they trusted me because of the proof, and they gave me the money, from their pocket.

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but Paypal treated me well over the last 5 years considering I was mostly selling accounts and IG services, which they “don’t like” as you are probably aware,


Is that a proven secure method or just an attempt to be safe?

In theory everytime you change new email it makes the last link to “your email was changed” broken.Try it and see if the first link still works after 2,3 email changes.

After 3 months it makes no sense,since you clearly provided your end of the deal,there is no reason for PP to think a charback after 3 months is valid (any other reason than scam!)

It will be broken for a normal email, but concerning the OG i’m not really sure.

I used to buy accounts not sure if its changed but you can change password then disable account for 24-48 hours and it invalidates any email changes from the seller. I know sometimes scammers do a few emails to their own email so they can still take the account back afterwards

Also in my own experience unless you know the person, only buy accounts with OG emails. When you get the account you can even look at “past emails” on the account to see what email was the original sign-up one.

It’s Interesting this disable method, I will try it in another account to see if it still works,
I already told the seller to show me the page of the past emails and when I got the account I realised he showed me the page of another account that was empty. not sure if he’s planing to get back the acct later or just want to be on the safe side cuz it’s a good & services transaction.