Buying a few Computers... Input & Advice needed!

So i am buying a few computers, and have this in mind here:

These are not for gaming, but for things such as photoshop, excel, word, teamviewer, and basic software.

I believe this will do the job, however wondering if anyone knows of any better deals before making my move (maybe even bundles including a nice sized screen).

Have a great day!

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The CPU ranks close to 600th place…Theres faster options for cheaper

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i ALWAYS recommend building your own, for a little more you can get something that will be 10x better.


If you want to work on the Adobe suite, I would suggest core i5 or i7 at the very least and maybe look t 16 GB of RAM. These softwares guzzle up RAM like no one’s business

(I myself use a i5 / 8 GB RAM / 2GB Nvidia GFX system, and I really hate how slow Photoshop/Illustrator work on it)

You can reduce the costs by buying a system with linux/no OS and installing all the software yourself.


Thanks for all of the replies, i just do not want to build as i am unfamiliar with hardware completely. I never really got into that - however any other options? I want it mainly for ps, ms office, emailing, youtube, fast web browsing etc. etc. No gaming at all, only applications.

Possibly link an option for me? I need to purchase this here within 24 hours.

What about this one here?

This is late now, but for all the people that might found this thread in the future. There are forums out that that help you find the best components for your budget, this will help you make a well balanced pc, with no bottleneck and make the best out of your budget. The sites where you find the componets for cheap most of the time offer you to built it before sending it to you for a small fee!