Buying Ads on Instagram... worth it?

Some people have stated in the past, that buying advertisment on Instagram is in the long term harmful. Because IG may save you/ your account as a client. Meaning: as a potential “source for money” they dont have an advantage to keep an average reach for your account, once you have stopped buying there ads.

Here is an opinion of someone about this. It was taken from the Facebook-page “INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS”.

:arrow_right: Public thread.
:arrow_right: This is my way of saying “thank you” to IG :kiss: :kissing_heart: for lowering the reach of my wonderful meme page (50k) and then banning it, even though I never did anything against the TOS of Instagram and you never replied to my emails with the request to restore it.
:arrow_right: I also had bad experience with ads on IG, so this may help others to re-consider how to use their budget.


I know that having a business account can lower reach, but I didn’t know that if you buy ads, it puts you in an even worse situation. Thanks for the tip!

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Worth it if you are selling something and can make the ad ROI positive.

I seriously doubt buying ads harms your account in any way. That sounds made up to me.

Everyone’s organic reach has gone down A LOT over the past 2 years, but I doubt buying ads and lower reach are correlated.

Maybe you are right and the guy above and me, we had just a wrong impression, because IG has lowered the reach of all (whether buying ads or not). Unfortunately, we can not be totally sure, but maybe via this thread more people can report their experience with buying ads.

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after the first time I used facebook ads my reach decreased and the same thing happen with instagram. When i had the campaing running the number went really higher but as soo I stoped making campaings my account with 106K has less views than my account with only 1K.


Thank you for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:

Horrible news… May I ask you how old is the one with 106K and the one with 1K?

Seems really like IG / FB is fooling us. We deliver the content for their platform, and they try to use us like damn milk cows :cow:
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They are about the same age, both are from 2014. I think the main problem was switching the 106K account to business. It’s starting like to feed like my page on facebook. I stoped posting because organic reach was terrible.

Buying ads on instagram is more expensive than on facebook. With $7 I can get a good reach but on instagram I get only 20% or less of this reach. :frowning:

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:frowning::frowning::frowning: OMG! This is really terrible. Some people have reported, too, that their reach was lowered after switching to business. I think I read only of one member in this forum who said he noticed a change, but maybe this really only an exception.
And it makes sense for IG. Why keeping the reach high of a (potential) customer for free when lowering his reach will force him to buy ads?!

While reach might be down when buying ads, a big part of it will also be how the ad is targeted. If you have a pet profile and you target you ads towards people who don’t have pets it won’t work nearly as good as as people who own pets, or even own the kind of pet that is pictured in your ad.

I have a friend who’s freelance webdeveloper and who is buying ads with a budget of €200 a month (ish) but sees nearly no return on them. When I asked him about his targeting he said he was just targeting people who lived close to him (<10 KM). When I told him to switch to 25K and target to people who have the function title of “business owner”, “ceo”, “entrepreneur” and the likes his reach and leads (!) went up…

It might be possible that they are limiting reach on business profiles in order to push ads (pretty sure they do, that’s a sensible business reasoning), but a lot of the people that are buying ads hardly know what they’re doing. Yet they’re the first to complain on Instagram’s Facebook page.

That said, over the last 2 months reach is down for every profile I own. So it’s not all ads or business profiles :slight_smile: Blaim the algo ;-).


Agree here. There’s no doubt switching to a business profile hurts the reach, but at the same time, many people suck big time at Instagram Ads and then, blame the algorithm.

As @mcstutter said, if you are selling products, I confirm it can really be profitable, when well managed.

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Buying ads on IG is totally different to what most of you are doing here. Its like comparing doing SEO with running Adwords campaign.

If you want to make $$$ with IG ads you need to have totally different set-up and mindset.

First of all you most definitely need to run IG traffic through a good tracker (like voluum) and be monitoring it very closely. You need to be split testing ads, split testing landing pages, split testing offers, even test same offers between several affiliate networks if you do CPA.

You will lose money almost definitely when you start but the good news is - once you get your campaign to +ROI you can scale it very very fast, almost instantly.

There are people making $xx,xxx per day with IG ads.


Seems like you went through that process… Maybe, one day when you have some minutes, you could start a thread about that. Sounds really interesting and I am pretty sure, your knowledge could help others :smiley: Thank you for considering that. :thumbsup: