Buying ads "promote your page " cheap likes is it worth it?

So i’ve been playing around with facebook ads so i got some really cheap likes from countries like India/Pakistan for like 1$-50 likes ish , so in total i’ve got like 2k likes on page( thats really low amount i know right . ) then i bought some likes from some European country where i’ve born in . ( lol ) and then few some random countries also, but basically what i noticed that if i dont boost my posts individually im literally getting 0 likes per post, the post reaches around 1000 organic , which is quite low but ya… so basically im wondering is it even worth to buy those really cheap likes from those countries, i mean i have interests once i buy so all people who likes my page , means somehow they are interested into something what my page is about .

The page likes is not what you want to buy from, it’s the post likes relating to your exact product.

The reason for page likes is to boost credibility, they wont necessarily interact with your organic post content.


From my experience with buying page likes (through fb ads), is unless you are ready to pay some decent money per page like on a well-targeted audience, it would be a waste of money and the reach and engagement will be extremely low.

It looks bad to have a page with 2k likes and only 1-2 likes each post, and it’s hard to recover from it and increase the engagement.

If you are in a niche that has a lot of fb groups you can join and post in, I would recommend promoting your page through it. It’s free (you probably already paying for MP), and the engagement is much better.

well i dont really want to join groups and just spam with my groups ( ya i know it would probably give me some new,legit likes on it but mehh ,it would make my page look bad…, i will start target some normal countries instead of those paki/ indian ones .

Pretty much the same worth of buying fans on the blackmarket, pretty useless from my experience.

What kind of likes u bought? was it like those cheap ones or like proper English people ?

It was bots probably.
Really it does not matter, think about it, if you don’t have people that are gonna be interested in what you are offering how valuable are they?

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