Buying Ads vs Botting

Anyone here with experience on both? I failed at buying ads before but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I heard FB can charge you now for conversions only and not just clicks. This means you can now always make money from ads? Anyone with experience please share :slight_smile: thank you.


With fb ads you can set the campaigns goal to be a certain type of conversion on your site, but it will still charge your per number of people reached. If you are low on budget (< 2000-3000$) you should not consider FB, especially if you are a beginner. If you want to validate an idea I would try Adwords first, that you way you actually know you are targeting the right personas. Facebook, in the long run, can prove to be cheaper than Adwords, but that’s up to the niche and person running the campaigns.

Botting on Instagram & Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for someone that’s starting.


Hello @SwagWaffle

I think you asked a very good question. However, in order to get a really good answer you probably have to provide a hypothetical scenario that matches your current scenario.

Once you do, I would pose such questions as where your potential clients are most likely to be found. Do they search on Google a lot? Do they spend more time on Facebook? Are they more likely to be on Instagram? What about Youtube? Also, which of these places in ignored the most by your “competition”?

I think such questions will really help you cut down on unnecessary cost and effort.

Also, since you said you have a history with Facebook ads not working well… have you considered a professional service to run your ads? That might be a lot more efficient.

It’s all about them clicks…

Let me just starts this with a sobering fact. When you pay for advertising, you might not get what you expect.

The only reason I put that link up here is because I want you to know that even if Facebook and Google are “Reputable” ad services, their systems can be tricked and it’s your money on the line.

Now, about those conversions…

Both AdWords and Facebook Ads allow you to setup campaign goals - for instance, conversions. Setting up such goals makes your ads more cost-effective.

Do note however, that setting up such goal requires full integration with your website. For example, if you want to have your Facebook ads geared towards conversions, you need to add Facebook Pixel to your website to track those conversions as they happen

Similarly, AdWords requires Google Analytics to be integrated and set up to track conversions.

So, what’s the answer?

That said, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that building an audience might, in the long-run, require both bottling and targeted advertising - amongst other things - and you’d have to decide which carries more weight in your situation.

But, that’s a very general answer.

80% botting 20% paid ads?
60% paid ads 40% botting?

That’s really up to you and depends on your target audience.


I wholeheartedly agree with what @vir7 said above. Google ads are a lot more expensive on a per-click basis based on my personal experience.

What I would personally recommend

  • Further identify and target your audience
  • Draw up your campaign plans and what action you want your users to actually take.
  • Spend more time reading how to manage ads effectively - or on reputable online ad management agencies to take care of that for you.

Otherwise you end up wasting money and time.

That’s my answer until you provide more information about what you intend to do

Good luck.


On buying Facebook ads, You need to keep in mind that you will pay every audience that will SEE your ads(even though that audience is not interested at all in your product)…
So it will be costly for you if you will let that happen.

In order to save money on FB ads, you need to only allow your ads to be presented to the Audience who are more likely to buy the product you are selling by "Specifying buyer’s Interests, behavior, demographics etc. (This is called Optimization btw). You see, you are only paying Facebook to present your ads to the right audience (example 100 People out of 1000 People)… compare to paying facebook to present it to all audiences (example 1000 out of 1000 People if not optimized).

On Botting, the only way to optimize your advertisement is to join groups that is related to your niche.
This will give you a more conversion than posting your Ads on a group that is not related.
But the good thing here is you are not paying for every Ads Campaign which will save you lots of money.

I used both by the way.