Buying aged accounts over creating new ones?

Hey everyone.

First I would like to thank this lovely community, to all of you who share knowledge generously with the rest of us.

I was thinking about buying aged ig accounts since I’m failing in creating new ones myself. For my last attempt I took a four-year-old phone that I found in my home, that’s not have been used for at least two years, never had an IG app installed, with SIM card a couple of years old that never used cellular data. Also, a fresh gmail account connected to google play… And my ig account creation was a failure anyway.

What have I done wrong? Could an IG email be a factor? I created it (outlook) via VPN with a location in another country.

Would you consider buying aged accs as an option when you grow accounts manually? What are the downfalls of that option?

I would buy, grow it using leverage of other accs of mine and within 2-3 months sell it.

Thanks for taking the time to read and for your help.

Always best to make your own, that way you have control over them, and your income is not fueled by an external person (account seller).