Buying artificial reach for Explore


I was taking a look at JAP and I saw you can buy Reach… what is your experience with buying artificial Reach to hit Explore and then getting actual organic growth? Can we call it some kind of paid shortcut, or does it impact negatively your account?

Looking forward to hear about your opinions! Thanks!


What variable in buying reach ? It is combination of likes, views, comment and save or any other variable ?

I believe it’s a combination of views and likes, with a guaranteed number of impressions (100k++)

Hey man! I have been having similar thoughts if it is possible.

Apparently, back i the early days of IG it used to be possible to hit explore by faking reach with buying lots of likes, comments etc

These days not so much … apparently

I still think it might be possible if you hit the right combination of likes, comments, saves, impressions but who knows

Have you tried it yet? What is the cost of the service and where can I find this JAP whatever that is.

Not sure I can link it, it’s a famous smm panel!

Just Another Panel…

And I wouldn’t recommend doing this. Hitting the explore page requires early engagement through followers. The way I’ve analyzed viral posts on my accounts is the following:

  1. IG shows it to some of my followers. If a high % of them like, comment & save they show it to more followers.

  2. If it’s well received by followers, they test it on hashtags. If the % of engagement (likes, comments, saves) is high, they keep on showing it to more and more people.

  3. Same goes for explore page…

You might be able to “buy” the results with 2 & 3 but if #1 doesn’t lay a solid foundation it won’t matter. Also, it will hurt your account in the long term. So not recommended.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed response! My thoughts too actually but you confirm it :slight_smile:

I believe there is certain timeframe that #1 should be done, once the timeframe passed the engagement wont work, am I correct ?

Yeah usually within the first hour is when engagement from your followers matters the most :slight_smile: