Buying dead Instagram profile

Guys, i have an offer to buy 105k IG profile for 15$, the seller is trusted and account is full of fake/inactive followers. Is it worth it, can i get to explore page with it?


i would say worth. Just coz of “social proof” thing.

It’s worth buying. if you don’t buy it i will have it for $30 :smiley:


How Dead are we talking?
Engagement Rate>?

Still solid pump some fake likes & join engagement groups for comments and start selling something very solid deal imo.


Best I can do is tree-fiddy.

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When was the last post and how many likes & comments did it achieve ?

I agree with everyone here just about. $15 sounds like a “you get what you pay for” type deal. But hey, even if it gets only 1k likes you may be able to get some good use out of it.

Me personally, depending on the last posts, and overall engagement rates, I’d use it to join higher tier engagement groups, and use it to build smaller accounts :+1:

hell yes, he can be more dead then mc royal burger that made in 2002
you can join some engagement 100k clubs
and drive nice + + engagement to your main/etc
ggwp dot com

What is the username ?

whoa… Where i can get that dead instagram? :joy:

No posts on it…When he posts maybe 200-300 likes comes… I will buy it anyways, will put some work in it and we’ll see…

I’d buy it for that price in a second…

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If I was sneaky i’d buy it, improve it a little and flip it for ten times the price

That’s what i plan to do actually, or even use it as a brand for Shopify store i own… We’ll see…


Alot of people interested, sounds like a good idea for site/marketplace: - Dead Profiles Forsale, We Can Sell It To You Wholesale…, Call Saul for a Quote…:wink:


It’S All Good Man.

I would say it’s worth it, it’s not that expensive :slight_smile:

how you know he wont scam you?

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